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856Re: [Perple_X] Re: Atg(PN) shows unphysical elastic properties

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  • jadconnolly
    Nov 27 3:17 AM
      wasja et al., for the record, in the on-line version of hpha02ver.dat i modified shear moduli used as proxies for the following endmembers with unknown shear moduli:

      amphiboles: rieb, fanth, grun, ged
      white mica: fcel, ma, pa
      biotite: mnbio
      chlorite: ames, afchl, mnchl
      spinel: mft, usp
      talc: fta, tats.
      serpentine: chr

      most of the changes should have relatively minor consequences, but as, the Atg example illustrates, that "should" may be overly pious. jamie 
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