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Re: [Pennlug] Sale at TRU 5/17-23; clearance at Kmart

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  • Phillip Thorne
    ... Correction upon checking in person: it s 25% off one *specific* set in each of those lines. The fine print in the circular ( More Indiana Jones, Power
    Message 1 of 2 , May 17, 2009
      On Sat, 16 May 2009 10:01, I wrote:
      >1. Toys 'R' Us
      >Sun 17 - Sat 23 May
      >25% off Bionicle, Indiana Jones, Power Miners

      Correction upon checking in person: it's 25% off one *specific* set in
      each of those lines. The fine print in the circular ("More Indiana
      Jones, Power Miners, and Bionicle LEGO sets on sale in-store!") is
      inaccurate. The remaining sale items were 10% off all Bionicle; the
      other two lines had no additional posted reduced items. Usually these
      TRU sales are wider.

      The three items, with prices as SRP/TRU/Sale, are:

      Bionicle 8943/014193 Axalara T9, $80/80/60
      Indiana Jones 7683/185643 Fight on the Flying Wing, $50/50/37.49
      Power Miners 8961/089355 Crystal Sweeper, $70/75/56.24

      >2. You may want to check your local Kmart. Mine was running an
      >unadvertised 20%-more-off-already-clearance sale on certain building
      >sets, including Magnetix and certain LEGO. I found the #4998 Creator
      >Stegosaurus (731 pcs), SRP $50, marked down to $17.

      That sale was at the East Goshen (19380) Kmart. While shopping today
      (Sunday) I check further, and there was no sale at the Exton (19341)

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