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BrickWorld Report

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  • Cale Leiphart
    Well BrickWorld was a blast. Despite the occasional wrong turn, Micheal Tighe and I managed to navigate our way
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2007
       Well BrickWorld  was a blast. Despite the occasional wrong turn, Micheal Tighe and I managed to navigate our way around without too much trouble.  I met several new people, caught up with some old friends, and spent way to much on Lego (although Mike's spending made me look poor in comparison :O) . With over 270 regestered attendees and over 4500 from the  public   for a first year event I think BrickWorld was an amazing success. The Lego store at northbrook was packed on  Friday.   Pic 1   Pic 2   The game of the night was how much you LEGO can you really stuff into the new green pick-a-brick bins.  Pic  Saturday the public came and things were busy. Public Day  Sunday I caught up with Jim Foulds and Roy and Alice Cook from DelVaLUG and latter had the opportunity to hang out with Joe Meno and Greg Highland while eating Lasagna at an awesome Italian  restaurant across the street from the event.

      I posted my pictures from the event on Brickshelf.  Brickshelf Gallery

      The guys from IndyLUG were kind enough to provide space for me to display my train MOCs.
      IndyLUG Yard

      Joe Meno was under close surveillance all weekend.

      Oh shit! There goes the planet.
      Come the Desert!

      Tolls were a Pain.

      Matt Hocker needs to step up his building. We need the Ghost Busters fire house for our layout.
      Fire House

      Some aewsome Star Trek models were in house.
      Space The final frontier

      This one speaks for itself.

      John and Ross Neal were kind enough to let me run some of my Pennsy MOCs around the TCLTC layout.

      How often do you get to see two steam passenger trains race each other. This was way cool.:D
      Movie 1 
      Movie 2

      The date for next years BrickWorld has already been set.  June 19th to the 22nd 2008  I want to see as many PennLUG members there as we can get.  We can't let the Canadians outnumber us.

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