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  • crowsong0258
    Apr 21, 2005
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      Hello. My name is Jean, and I'm definitely addicted to LEGO. I've
      collected since I was five years old, though the bulk of my LEGO
      was "lost" during an overseas move. Pity, I had the space systems
      from their very beginning. I'm into Harry Potter and the new castle
      system, as well as the inventors' kits. Like Mike, I think I'd be
      extremely interested in trains and Mindstorm if I could afford to be.

      I work for a nonprofit service dog training agency and my dream is to
      create detailed models of several of our dogs in full dress and put
      them on display. I'd take donation of both cash and bricks during the
      display to continue the process of recreating the dogs (on site), and
      all funds would go to the agency. My idea of a fun fundraiser!
      Unfortunately I'd be further ahead in my goals if I weren't such a
      snob and used fake bricks as well as LEGO bricks, but in my mind
      that's cheating.

      Take care.
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