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3086Easttown Library LEGO event (7/27) - Results

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  • Phillip Thorne
    Aug 1, 2009
      AFOLs in attendance were Chris, with his giant "Fight for Life"
      space-lab scene; myself (Phil), with five micro-space and one Bionicle
      models; and KC and Trev, with the PennLUG Picnic and KC's collection
      of Blue Bricks in Every Scale.

      The librarian-organizers were very happy to have AFOL participation
      and our inspiring models. Because we were at tables between the
      entrance and the contest-exhibit area, everyone saw us, and we
      attracted a lot of attention from the kids.

      The library plans to repeat the event next year.

      There seemed to be at least 70 entries and many more than 70 voters
      (families, probably). Although the contest was open to age 18, most
      entrants looked to be under 12. Entries included straight "Star Wars"
      models (the rules didn't specify the sculpture be *original*), the
      usual flimsy-particolored juvie style, and several quite impressive

      * WALL-E
      * An 8-inch squarish sculpture of Harry Potter
      * A fallen, melting ice cream cone
      * A collection of "space racers" in six color-coordinated schemes
      * Philadelphia and the Ben Franklin Bridge (admittedly, not
      recognizable without the label, but an excellent idea)

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      ** www.delvalug.com **
      ** Sent by Phillip Thorne **
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