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3044Re: BrickFair layout - IMPORTANT!

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  • Cale Leiphart
    Jul 1, 2009
      --- In Pennlug@yahoogroups.com, automechanic <automechanic@...> wrote:
      > Tried to reply to this from my phone, but it would only let me reply to whoever was the last to post. Sorry about that Cale.
      > Ok here is what I have. Other then my vehicals that I built for filler, I have a garage/junkyard.
      > The junkyard section takes up two large 48x48 plates. The garage building takes up 1 and a 1/4 48x48 plate sections sitting in front of the junkyard. The other 3/4 (which I need help designing) is let for filler and road way into the junkyard gate.

      Cool. So is the total area 2x2 48's?

      > I was also planning on bringing my old police and public works set, which sit on a total of three 32x32 base plates. I was just bringing those as filler, but can leave them behind if we are short on space.

      The Public Works set stumped me so I looked it up.


      That's a pretty sweet set. I think we could work it and the Police station in some where. what set # is the station?

      > Also with the Junkyard I need contributions from all of those willing. The junkyard has spaces for 24 cars/trucks. Each car/truck is to fit into a space 12studs long and 10 studs wide. There is no way I can build 24 junked lego cars in time for brick fair. So I am asking if any of you would be willing to build one, maybe two, junked lego vehicals? If each of us did that we could easily fill up a good portion of the junkyard. Plus the junkyard doesn't need to have all 24 spaces filled. I can easily leave some empty spaces with "junk parts" lying around. If you guys are willing to help with this let me know.

      I have some mics. vehicles that might work.

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