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3040Re: [Pennlug] Re: BrickFair layout - IMPORTANT!

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  • automechanic
    Jul 1, 2009
      Tried to reply to this from my phone, but it would only let me reply to whoever was the last to post. Sorry about that Cale.
      Ok here is what I have. Other then my vehicals that I built for filler, I have a garage/junkyard.
      The junkyard section takes up two large 48x48 plates. The garage building takes up 1 and a 1/4 48x48 plate sections sitting in front of the junkyard. The other 3/4 (which I need help designing) is let for filler and road way into the junkyard gate.
      I was also planning on bringing my old police and public works set, which sit on a total of three 32x32 base plates. I was just bringing those as filler, but can leave them behind if we are short on space.
      Also with the Junkyard I need contributions from all of those willing. The junkyard has spaces for 24 cars/trucks. Each car/truck is to fit into a space 12studs long and 10 studs wide. There is no way I can build 24 junked lego cars in time for brick fair. So I am asking if any of you would be willing to build one, maybe two, junked lego vehicals? If each of us did that we could easily fill up a good portion of the junkyard. Plus the junkyard doesn't need to have all 24 spaces filled. I can easily leave some empty spaces with "junk parts" lying around. If you guys are willing to help with this let me know.
      Cale, let me know if you want me to bring the police station and public works. I need to know as soon as you can because they aren't completely built at the moment and I will need to get on that if you want them included. These sets are not MOC's they are official LEGO sets from back in the 80's.

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