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3039RE: [PennLUG] Re: BrickFair layout - IMPORTANT!

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    Jul 1, 2009
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      Josh and Kyle,
      To make it easier to calculate, can you guys figure out how many large (48x48) and/or small (32x32) baseplates each thing takes and perhaps in combination to make things fit whole numbers of large/small plates?  I'm sure Cale would appreciate that.  
      Michael Tighe 
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      Measurements. ..

      Roundhouse + Turntable + Motor Building = 124 x 144 studs

      Airport w/ Road baseplates in front + Runway Terminals w/ Monorail Terminal = 108 x 144 studs

      Runway = 36 x 180 studs

      Intermodal Crane + Truck Terminal + sidings = 72 x however long you want to make it...

      Grain Elevator Siding = 124 x 72 studs

      Train Double Track Truss Bridge = 36 x 144

      I also have a lot of road baseplates + cars, trucks, airplanes, boats (if you wanted to do a dock area)

      About... 35 Pieces of Rolling stock, our locos can be put in the roundhouse.

      Cale, feel free to call or email us if you want help placing anything...

      Take it easy,
      -Josh & Kyle

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