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2908Re: Are you interested in the 2009 NMRA train show in Hartford CT.

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  • ilikeitgui
    May 3, 2009
      Hi Everyone

      First a thank you to Matthew Hocker for posting to Trains-n-Town. I hope you can make the event.

      Cale are you still interested in coming?


      I've left space on the NELUG layout for Matt in hopes that he will be able to make it. The Japanese house is near a few Victorian houses and one modern style house. The Civil war scene is in it's own space next to my small river. You can also expand into any of the green baseplates near your MOCs if you want.

      The design is never final so if any of you would like to display something on our layout, please feel free.

      The NELUG layout can be viewed here:

      Jonathan D.
      NELUG EC member
      A-Team LUP
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