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2800still lurking between diaper changes...

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  • Chris Forbes-Nicotera
    Feb 4, 2009

      hope everyone is well. i'm still around, and building alot in my brain
      though i haven't done much in real brick except for my town plan under
      the christmas tree. as for a crane car, if you want an idea, i posted a
      pic of mine which was also my first 8 wide! i brougt it for our first
      meeting at the new kop lego store:


      it's actually all geared up with rotation, boom adjustment and operatng
      winch. i put a lot of time into it, though i still haven't finished the
      cab on the tender yet. i think i might actually go to brickfair so that
      may inspire me to get 'er done:)

      how many of us are planning on going? it would be great to share room
      costs, though i'm through sleeping on the floor:P
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