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2730New guy here.

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  • automechanicx
    Jan 1, 2009
      Hey guys whats up? Figured I would introduce myself.

      I am a big fan of legos. Have been for years. My collection is quite

      I have way to many different collections. I have decided that I want
      to liquidate most of my collections but one. I decided that the
      collection and hobby I want to occupy the majority of my time and
      money with is legos. Its the one thing I have never grown tired of,
      and if I grow tired of something lego I can always take it apart an
      rebuild into something new. So thats where I am now. Trying to sell
      off my other collections and build up my lego collection.

      I love building stuff, but designing things is just not my thing at
      the moment. I want to change that. I want to be able to come up with
      a cool original idea and build it. I need help though and I am hoping
      that interaction with others who have the same passion will help. I
      would also love to build something that would be worthy of displaying
      at brickcon. I might be able to with everyones help this year, but
      not planning on it. If it happens it happens.

      Also I have a large undertaking that I am working on, part of a
      project I have always wanted to do, and part of a way in increase my
      lego collection. It will take a while though to complete this goal as
      its a very very big undertaking.

      Lately, as far as factory lego sets, the ones that peak my intereste
      are Helicopters and Submarines.

      Well hope to meet you guys at the upcoming meet. Later.
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