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2274Re: A call for attendance - March Meeting

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  • longhairedredneck220
    Mar 26, 2008
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      > Gibney's moving? WTF? I missed that news! Sheesh. I miss a meeting and
      > the whole damn place comes apart!
      > Anyway, I'm still here, even if just in a "Look, that crazy monkey
      > thing's hopping around again! Let's make it our mascot!" type of way.
      > But are we still planning on Brick Jamboree in the first weekend of
      > September? I haven't seen any updated news on that here since the last
      > meeting I attended in January.

      Dude, brick jamboree is over, it was in February. And, I can only move
      if I can sell the house and defy the odds.
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