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2246A call for attendance - March Meeting

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  • Michael Tighe
    Mar 12, 2008
      I understand that one or more people say they won't be coming to the meeting this Saturday.  Here is something to think about: 
      Mike G. is moving out of state.  To honor Mike we should all make every effort to make the next 2, maybe 3, meetings while Mike is still around. 
      (The furniture will still be there to be moved the next day...  :o)  Get some help it and you can move it quicker later...  :o) 

      Michael Tighe



      "There's no such thing as too much LEGO" 



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      Unless anyone has another place they wish to meet at, I can host at my
      place. I'll even send the boy to Check E cheese.

      It'll be almost St Patricks day, so bring a Moc that's mostly green.
      Cale claims he's gonna bring a green train.

      Say 10 AM March 15?

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