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2115Re: The Ups and Downs of LEGO Trains

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  • super_dave42
    Oct 4, 2007
      Way to go, Cale! Published author and reknowned Lego journalist!

      --- In Pennlug@yahoogroups.com, "Cale Leiphart"
      <steampoweredbricks@...> wrote:
      > For those of you who may not be reading LUGNET two significant
      > announcements were made today in the world of trains.
      > The premier issue of RailBricks came out today. RailBricks
      > Announcement <http://news.lugnet.com/announce/?n=3636>
      RailBricks is
      > the first magazine dedicated to LEGO Trains. Even if your not a
      > core train head there is still a lot to enjoy so I encourage every
      > to download it. Oh yeah, and one of the articles is from me. [:p]
      > Unfortunately that monumental announcement is made bitter
      sweet by
      > this post on the future of 9 volt. Future of 9v Trains
      > <http://news.lugnet.com/announce/?n=3637>
      > 9v is now officially dead as a Door Nail. We knew it was
      inevitable but
      > it still sucks to hear it. [:((]
      > On the bright side LEGO is developing an entirely new system
      with the
      > involvement of AFOLs. Hopefully it wont suck as bad as the IR
      > and will actually be useful clubs. [(:|]
      > Cale
      > I'm so confused.
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