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2113The Ups and Downs of LEGO Trains

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  • Cale Leiphart
    Oct 1, 2007
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      For those of you who may not be reading LUGNET two significant announcements were made today in the world of trains.

       The premier issue of RailBricks came out today.  RailBricks Announcement   RailBricks is the first magazine dedicated to LEGO Trains.  Even if your not a hard core train head there is still a lot to enjoy so I encourage every one to download it.  Oh yeah, and one of the articles is from me. :p

       Unfortunately that monumental announcement is made  bitter sweet  by this post on the future of 9 volt.  Future of 9v Trains
      9v is now officially dead as a Door Nail.  We knew it was inevitable but it still sucks to hear it.:((

       On the bright side LEGO is developing an entirely new system with the involvement of AFOLs.  Hopefully it wont suck as bad as the IR trains and will actually be useful clubs. (:|

      I'm so confused.
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