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2001Re: Museum visit, take II

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  • longhairedredneck220
    May 12, 2007
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      Excellent Dave!    Go with it!



      --- In Pennlug@yahoogroups.com, "super_dave42" <dclr@...> wrote:
      > Ok, here's what I've got so far. Any other suggestions, comments, or
      > whatever- just let me know.
      > Dan-
      > After our visit to the museum, we've been thinking of different ways
      > we could help get things ready. We're very interested in seeing the
      > Toy Museum- and you- succeed, but we noticed several obstacles that
      > might be in the way of that success. The three of us (and the rest
      > of PennLUG) are eager to do what we can to help out. We hope that
      > this list will inspire rather than discourage you- this museum is an
      > incredible undertaking and we want to cheer you on. Please let us
      > know if there's anything more we can do or if you have any questions.
      > Mike, Chris, and David
      > 1. Tackle the facility/environmental issues first: plumbing, wiring,
      > paint, walls, floors, handicap access, restrooms (men, women,
      > family/unisex/handicap), cleaning. Clean MOCs in dirty room quickly
      > become dirty MOCs.
      > 2. Get to the hardware store and buy some 2mil plastic, a BIG roll
      > of it. Clean off those models and display pieces and COVER THEM!
      > Don't uncover until the night before opening day- save yourself some
      > time!
      > 3. Image is a lot. Make a good first impression, even before the
      > museum opens. Weed kill, then burn off with a propane torch all the
      > weeds in the parking lot. Get some cheap sealer for the blacktop and
      > the front will look 100% better. People won't notice much else
      > outside. Mike can paint, do masonry repair, organize construction
      > work, carpentry, tile work, roof repair, and a lot more. "Use me
      > Dan, I can build Lego, but I could do a lot more for you with tools
      > in my hand and a clear plan. It wouldn't hurt if I had some good
      > materials to work with as well."
      > 4. Mike has a lot of construction experience. Had he known how much
      > would need to be done he would have brought tools to help get things
      > in order.
      > 5. Need a dumpster right outside the front door for us to throw all
      > that trash away! Getting a majority of that stuff out of the way
      > would be a huge help. Also, a dumpster outside communicates progress
      > ("we're doing so much work we need to throw stuff away!").
      > 6. Make a master timeline from now until opening, along with "task
      > lists" denoting all the things that need to be done in each area.
      > David has moderate experience with project management; he can handle
      > this
      > with input from Dan.
      > 7. Constrain the themes from universes to galaxies. So you've got
      > a "Western" room. Do you have stock Western sets to display
      > alongside the sculptures? Do you need MOCs to fit in with stock sets
      > or sculptures? Does "Jurassic Park" need a backdrop or a foreground
      > MOC? Does it try to replicate the movie park or reinterpret it?
      > Decide what's actually needed (building-wise) and make a list for
      > each room.
      > 8. The rooms need natural light but the view of the ramshackle
      > buildings in the neighborhood needs to be blocked. Cover the windows
      > and leave glass block untouched or have a professional tint with
      > heavy colored tint. Use different colors for different rooms: Orange
      > to simulate sunset in western room, teal/blue in the aqua room,
      > green in the dino room, etc.
      > 9. Rooms need to be painted to match theme. Maybe murals, or at
      > least put up posters (IN FRAMES!) that coincide with theme.
      > 10. All those lockers- what are they really doing? Sell off a bunch
      > to finance the project. Keep some for the sorting room for builders,
      > maybe some for display possibilities. It would also give extra space
      > in the halls for big models.
      > 11. Got a room, a mess and not ready? Put maxi figs with brooms
      > around the mess and voila instant "excuse our mess as we continue to
      > build." (This was something Chris brought up.)
      > 12. With time of the essence, maybe consider opening just the
      > basement and first floor. It gives more time to dedicate to the
      > first two floors and makes it easier to get ready to open. It would
      > also give visitors a reason to come back to see the rest.
      > 13. While a COLTC room is good, a room dedicated more to the hobby
      > in general is good too! Info on clubs, LUGs, AFOLs, LTCs, and events
      > all over the world would be really interesting.
      > 14. Make the sorting room a featured room. Bins and containers
      > NEATLY arranged and set about. All that Lego sorted, and with more
      > coming in, would make anyone's eyes pop. And they get to see where
      > lots of the building happens, sort of a "behind the scenes"
      > experience. While the COLTC and Lego Rick rooms are both active
      > construction/display rooms, the current sorting room could be
      > changed into a "Builder's Workshop." The "theme" of that room could
      > be the ongoing changes and development of the museum, with incoming
      > parts, sorting, and in-progress construction on display.
      > 15. Bathroom: Plexiglas over the top and front of one stall. They
      > open the stall to find a maxi fig on the throne. Cheap, easy to do,
      > and I guarantee people will talk about it long after they've left.
      > 16. Lego light boxes would be great in hallways and stairwells.
      > 17. Make a map- it could be just a rough diagram on cardboard or a
      > surplus chalkboard- and put it in the main hallway. This will help
      > visitors and volunteers get a feel for the place while it's under
      > construction.
      > 18. Each room's entrance needs a sign!
      > 19. We looked around and what we saw was a lot of unfinished stuff:
      > items in the hall half put together, in disarray, a lot of junk in
      > the way. Decide where it goes and tell us and we'll put it there.
      > 20. David is a librarian by training. To establish credibility as a
      > museum, it would be a good idea to catalog (both for visitor use and
      > yours) and describe the exhibits. While it's great to have
      > a "pneumatic-activated Lego band," it'd be much more professional to
      > have a "pneumatic-activated Lego band, built in 19xx and formerly
      > displayed at Legoland Denmark as part of a promotion for the 19xx
      > product line. You can see the parts from some of these products
      > featured in the.... This piece was purchased from TLG for $xxxxxx."
      > David can do some of that if he has the raw information. Know your
      > pieces' pedigree!
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      > > > Ok- I guess I'll take a first swipe at it and then post it
      > (unless
      > > > there's a more appropriate place to put it).
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      > > Sounds Good to me
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