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1978Re: Museum visit, take II

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  • Chris Forbes-Nicotera
    May 2 9:03 AM
      okay! after rechecking my calendar, the prime weekend for me is the
      22,23,24th. as i mentioned, i think the drive is the best bet as long
      as we get on the road earlier. we could do the tour friday night, and
      start building in the morning, clean up on sunday.

      as for planning, there is room for anything and everything. there are
      basically unlimiited bricks, but loose bricks don't make for ooh and
      ahh displays unless its a tackle box of chrome macaraoni and silver

      there's a train room which could use more trains and small structures

      there's a western room that needs large motif mocs (barrels, crates

      there's a room for coltc with mostly train and buildings, but that
      THEIR room, so we should focus on other parts

      there's a scifi room which needs lots of love and mocs

      who can do the weekend of the 22,23, & 24?

      this is the best weekend for me and i think we can really get this
      place going if we can get our heads out of our 'sorting bins', make a
      decision and STICK to it. i don't really have a free weekend for a
      may meetin unless you want to come down to philly ($17-21 one way
      amtrak), otherwise, rant without me and enjoy.

      krotzer, when's the wedding? a weekend in romantic bellair would make
      a lovely and cheap honey moon! LOTS of MEDIUM BLUE and tons of cool
      harry potter pieces:)

      can you build the love tonight?
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