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  • longhairedredneck220
    Jan 3, 2007
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      --- In Pennlug@yahoogroups.com, "super_dave42" <dclr@...> wrote:
      > > What participation or resources, if any do you request from Make-
      > Wish?
      > __xx____banners ___xx__literature _____volunteers
      > ______Wish family __xx___ tables
      > >
      > > (so any thought on what we may need?)
      > >
      > Will admission fee be charged? _x_yes __No If so how much?
      > _$2.50/person, limit $10/family?______
      > >
      > > (we need to decide a dollar amount for the event. I'd say $2-$3
      > > dollars)
      > >
      > What % or amount will make a wish recieve? __50%____ (split it
      > 50/50?)
      > {we need to make sure we can cover our expenses for the event-
      > location rental, etc.}

      On Tuesday the 9th I go before the board at my church about using
      the building. There's been talk of a fee but we'll see on the 9th
      what it is. I'll make a point of mentioning it will be for us AND
      the make a wish foundation. If we have it for two days (sat/sun) I
      can also pitch that Sunday morning I can open it for church members
      for free if I think it'll get us a good rate ;)

      since it would be a lot of different stuff and kinda like a mini
      brickfest I was trying to think up a name for the event. I thought
      of since it owuld be PennLUGs "big show" maybe playing on
      words, "The Brick Show"? i dunno, somethin like that.

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