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1416awesome september meeting:)

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  • Chris Forbes-Nicotera
    Oct 1, 2006

      the votes have been tallied, and there is unanamous support for the
      return of pennlug to the forbes-nicotera home!!!!

      gazer, the cuddler of chaos, has been deputized as the finder of lost
      brick. her contribution to the community? the discover of an elusive
      1x2 black plate seeking refuge under the buffet table. the plate is
      believed to be part of 'pile of pieces to be' with the alias
      of 'cale's k4' the suspect plate will be held for later identification.

      in other animal affairs, both lucy and herman spoke of everyone's lap
      in hight standing, even though mike lacked an impressive amount
      surface area.

      in auto news, there is a afol community recall on all dodge dakota
      mocs that actually have a running motor or non-dead battery, as they
      have been found innacurate details for this moc. and for one vehichle
      families, great joy is the spoil of afol spouses when the meeting is
      held at their home and they can take the car for shopping!

      in entertainment news, pennlug's first birthday / anniversary gala was
      a huge hit with legothic cake, refreshments provided by the conductor
      of catering, and fabulous lego party favors and brickfest goodies
      increased everyone's personal brick count immensely! the buzz around
      the afol community now is 'what will pennlug orchestrate for it's one
      year and one month anniversary?' stay tuned....
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