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  • longhairedredneck220
    Feb 11, 2005
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      Things are just getting off the ground as of right now. I'll be
      looking to add more in the coming few days, so check back often.

      Guess I should introduce myself! My name is Mike Gibney, 34,
      married, kid, the whole thing.,,,,and AFOL. Since coming out of the
      dark ages a few years ago, discovering Bricklink, LUGNET, Brickshelf
      and more sites and attending Brickfest 04 it became my obesession
      again. My Lego® intrests a quite varied and I enjoy just about
      every aspet of the hobby. I've not gotten into Train or mindstorms
      mainly because I haven't had the resources to obtain them, but I
      hope to get into them as well soon. I am hoping to find more AFOL's
      in the area and hopefully start a group where we can meet, exchange
      ideas, show off our creations big and small, maybe do some shows and

      I chose the name PENNLUG mainly because I wanted to name the group
      something. As things evolve the name could change if everyone
      wanted it too. Jim Foulds started this venture a while back but was
      unable to follow through with it, and then moved. I hope to pick up
      where he left off and make this a great group.