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Fw: Pledge to slay your energy vampires

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  • Sumansutra D'Vegan
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      Be Vegan Make Peace

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      Subject: Pledge to slay your energy vampires


      Dear Suman,

      Help power a billion more Acts of Green

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      A Billion Acts of Green® has been a huge success. We are now well on our way to collecting two billion Acts of Green. Thank you for all your contributions!

      Over the next several months, we will be unveiling new actions to help you reduce your carbon footprint and live more sustainably. Stay tuned each month for new ideas about how you can make a difference!

      Today, we are proud to introduce our first action of the series: Slaying Vampire Energy. Even when appliances are turned off, they still consume electricity, called “Vampire Energy.” Each year, vampire energy is estimated to cost US consumers $11 billion. Since the majority of electricity is produced by fossil fuel power plants, vampire energy is also responsible for millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year!

      Fortunately, there are several easy steps we can take to cut down on vampire energy. Unplug appliances and chargers when they are not in use, plug appliances into power strips, which can be easily turned on and off with one button, or replace old appliances with energy efficient models.

      Make the pledge to reduce the amount of electricity wasted in your home today! Tell your friends! And be sure to engage with us on Twitter: #ActOfGreen. Together, we will form an active network of people striving to live more sustainably. 

      -- The Earth Day Network Team

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