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the 2012 Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program & U.S. Diversity Fellowship

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      Subject: [eddyono] the 2012 Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program & U.S. Diversity Fellowship
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      About the 2012 Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program

      & U.S. Diversity Fellowship

      PLEASE NOTE:  The program dates have been changed.  The program will run from

      September 24 to December 14, 2012.

      The Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society's Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program provides leadership training through seminars and applied research.

      Fellowship awards are available for emerging leaders at community foundations, at place-based grantmaking organizations and institutions that support community philanthropy.

      Those interested in strengthening community philanthropy and building capacity in local Third-Sector institutions are encouraged to apply. This year's Fellows will be selected from abroad and also from communities of color under-represented in the U.S. grantmaking sector.

      Fellows are based at The Graduate Center of The City University of New York, where they design and pursue an individualized research project. In addition, they attend weekly seminars, explore work of key agencies and foundations, meet with nonprofit leaders and study U.S. and international community foundation models.

      The 2011 Emerging Leaders International Fellows are (left to right):

      Hui Fang, China, Thomas Bastianel, Italy, Tasha Tucker, United States

      Elise Vogel, France and Jude McCann, Northern Ireland.

      Photo courtesy: Hui Fang

      In addition to offering fellowship awards for the study of community foundations, the Center accepts proposals of other Third-Sector/civil society topics from applicants interested in participating on a tuition basis.


      Special thanks to the following donors for their support of the 2011 Emerging Leaders Program include: the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, River Star Foundation (Hong Kong), Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo, William Randolph Hearst Fellowship, Community Foundation of Northern Ireland and generous contributions from individual donors.


      The Program

        The program will run from September 24 to December 14, 2012.

        The program focus will be community foundations and indigenous/place-based giving set within the context of the global philanthropic sector  Additional trends and practices in philanthropy will be covered to provide background and to address the research interests of all participating Fellows.

        Based on the seminars, readings, discussions with experts in the field, and the Fellows' own experiences, each participant will produce a 20 to 30-page research paper on their findings, which will be presented in the seminar.


      Eligibility and Selection

        The program is open to aspiring practitioners and researchers (generally under the age of 36) in the US and overseas.

      •  College or university degree and strong spoken and written English language skills are required.

      TOEFL scores or the equivalent requested from those whose education was in a language other than English.  Alternately, please provide a statement describing your facility with the English language within your professional sphere.

        Award recipients must have a strong institutional base and be well-placed to implement research recommendations.

        Preference is given to candidates who are 1) affiliated with a community foundation or initiatives to support community philanthropy development, and 2) who illustrate in their proposals a clear interest in furthering the work of community foundations or strengthening the local culture of philanthropy.

        Candidates affiliated with other institutions in the philanthropy sector who submit proposals on current trends and practices in philanthropy (other than community foundationsmay apply for consideration on a tuition basis or with financial support from individual or institutional sponsors.

        A select number of full fellowship awards are available, which cover tuition, travel, accommodations and reimbursement for selected program-related costs.  These are earmarked for citizens of countries other than the United States or for Americans from communities under-represented in the grantmaking sector.

        Participation on a tuition basis or with financial support from individual or institutional sponsors is open to all, regardless of country of origin or residence. Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements detailed above to be considered for participation on a tuition or sponsorship basis. For further details, please send an e-mail request to cpcs@....

        The selection of program participants will be made by a committee of leaders from the Third Sector. ____________________________________________________________________________________

      The Award

      •  Full fellowship awards cover the costs of tuition, single-room dormitory accommodations with shared facilities at International House (adjacent to Columbia University) in Manhattan, economy air travel to and from New York City, and reimbursement for selected program-related costs.


      •  Tuition-based or institutionally-supported appointments may also be made, pending approval by the selection committee.


      Online Application Form

      •  To apply, prospective candidates should complete and submit the online application form.

      •  If you have already submitted an application for the 2012 Emerging Leaders and Diversity Fellows Program, you do not need to submit a second application.

      Submission Deadlines and Notification of Application Status

      •  For non-U.S. citizens: Monday April 9, 2012.

      •  For U.S. citizens (non-tuition basis): Monday April 9, 2012.

      •  For U.S. citizens (tuition basis): Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

      Notification of awards will be made via e-mail by Friday June 1, 2012.

      Notifications on the status of applications will be sent via e-mail to each individual who has submitted a complete application package for consideration.


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