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International Graduate Program for Advanced Science at Tohoku (UGM)

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  • Retno Widyastuti
    Assalamualaikum wr.wb. Dear Brothers and Sisters, Berikut di bawah ini Informasi mengenai beasiswa S2 jurusan Science di Tohoku University, Tohoku (sebelah
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      Assalamualaikum wr.wb.

      Dear Brothers and Sisters,

      Berikut di bawah ini Informasi mengenai beasiswa S2 jurusan Science di Tohoku University, Tohoku (sebelah utara Tokyo). Informasi ini ditujukan untuk mahasiswa/alumni UGM (only). Namun, tidak menutup kemungkinan bahwa Universitas Tohoku juga memiliki MoU dengan Universitas lainnya di Indonesia. Lebih lanjut, untuk kampus selain UGM, bisa bertanya ke kantor urusan internasional di masing-masing kampus perihal ada atau tidaknya tawaran beasiswa (MoU) ini di kampus. 

      Selamat mencoba dan smga sukses :D!


      International Graduate Program for Advanced Science (IGPAS) is an interdisciplinary graduate program in the Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University. It was established in October 2004 as the first international graduate program founded in Japanese national universities. IGPAS offers courses in English for international students who are eager to obtain master’s and doctoral degrees from the Graduate School of Science. It also aims to educate Japanese students to exert their abilities as internationally-active, professional scientists.

      IGPAS has proudly reserved positions of Japanese government scholarship for its master’s students since its foundation, prospective students will have excellent opportunities to study modern science and conduct cutting-edge research with top-level scientists currently working at Tohoku University. The academic year of IGPAS starts in October. The Graduate School of Science will admit at most 20 students each for the master’s and doctoral programs each year.

      Financial Support

      Japanese government (MEXT) scholarship for Master Student
      Number of Positions: 8 students
      Term of the Scholarship: 5 years (2 years + 3 years)*
      ■ Monthly stipend of 156,000 yen as a master’s student and 157,000 yen as a doctoral student.
      ■ Flight tickets between the country of the student’s nationality and Japan.
      ■Exemption from application, admission, and tuition fees.
      * If a student fails to maintain a certain grade point average during the master’s program, The Ministry may cancel the 3-year doctoral scholarship.

      How to Apply

      Step 1: Find faculty members in the field of your interest as candidates for your supervisor.

      Applications will not be accepted without the consent of at least one faculty member as a prospective supervisor. The prospective supervisors should be a professor, associate professor, or lecturer (senior assistant professor) affiliated to the Graduate School of Science. To look for faculty members, refer to the following websites.

      Brochure of the Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University

      Departmental websites

      Academic Research Staff at Tohoku University

      Step 2: Contact the faculty members directly via email and obtain consent of acceptance.

      To contact the faculty members, it is strongly advisable to:

      —gather information about the faculty members and their field of research in advance by looking at their publications, research papers, and personal websites.

      —include “IGPAS 2011” in the subject line of the email.

      —provide as much of your academic background and application information as possible.

      —provide the names of other faculty members if contacting more than one at the same time.

      —provide the name of your current or the latest supervisor as a reference.

      Step 3: Prepare the required documents for application

      (see 10.APPLICATION DOCUMENTS of the IGPAS Application Booklet).

      Step 4: Send application documents to Offfice of International Affairs UGM before 30 November 2010

      Required Documents

      1. Application for Admission
      2. Statement of Reason for Applying for the Program
      3. Research Proposal
      4. Summary of Past Research
      5. Recommendation Letters from two references (sealed in envelope)
      6. Official Recommendation Letter (from Dean)
      7. Certificate(s) of (expedted) graduation or photocophy of diplomas(s)
      8. Official academic transcript(s)
      9. Document(s) to prove academic ability (e.g. bachelor or master theisis in full with an abstract in English attached, research papers published in journals or conference proceedings, score report of GRE, or equiivalent materials)
      10. Documents(s) to prove English ability
      11. Curriculum Vitae
      12. Photocopy of passport of the page(s) with personal information and photograph
      13. Proof of Citizenship (KTP / KK / akta kelahiran)
      Retno Widyastuti, M.Si
      International Relations Division
      MITI Mahasiswa

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