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  • Wiwien Apriliani
    Wiwien Apriliani visit me: www.wiwienapril.blogspot.com ... From: Rosianna Sianipar Subject: Fwd: [oriental_03] Trs: [TLITB] Fwd:
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      Wiwien Apriliani
      visit me: www.wiwienapril.blogspot.com

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      Subject: Fwd: [oriental_03] Trs: [TLITB] Fwd: [staff] Vacancy Announcement
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      Date: Monday, 9 August, 2010, 2:38 PM

      mangga yang pengen banting setir dari PNS jadi NGO, ato ada temen ato sodara yang tertarik buat kerja di green NGO...


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      Subject: [oriental_03] Trs: [TLITB] Fwd: [staff] Vacancy Announcement
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      Don't print unless it is a matter of life and death i.e. really necessary! Keep the environment healthy.

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      Maaf,ternyata gak bisa kirim attachment.
      so here it is:
      Vacancy Announcement

      Pelangi Indonesia (www.pelangi.or.id), a not-for-profit non-governmental environmental think-tank in Jakarta, Indonesia, is currently seeking candidates to fill the position of Program Manager. This position reports directly to the Executive Director. In general, the prospective candidates must possess the following qualifications: 
      • Strong idealism and motivation to work for environmental and developmental causes,
      passion to contribute to equitable sustainable development in Indonesia and globally, and
      long-term vision while grounded in short- and mid-term reality;
      • Capability in coordinating activities across disciplines and across divisions with strong
      sense of team-work;
      • Healthy habits that can support long-hours and demanding working condition, and
      possible extensive domestic and international traveling schedule;
      • Strong leadership, responsible, self-confidence, and self-direction with minimum
      supervision. Strong written and spoken communication skills in Bahasa Indonesia and
      • Proficiency in computer programs, the Internet, emailing software;
      • Extensive experience in leading and conducting research, ability to lead a group of junior
      and senior researchers, willingness and patience to guide and develop the junior
      researchers, and diligence to conduct rigorous and demanding quality control of the
      research products;
      • Strong skills in project management;
      • At least a master's degree with extensive research experience;

      The Program Manager will be tasked to coordinate research activities within the climate change, energy and transportation issues. Specifically, the tasks are as follows: 
      • Leading the planning process of the research activities within the climate change, energy,
      and transportation program at Pelangi, including but not limited to leading the development of research prospectus, the process of writing proposals, and the allocation of resources; 
      • Securing proper, timely, and quality deliveries of research activities at Pelangi, which
      includes quality control of research integrity and outputs, strategically-timed communications and outreach materials; 
      • Providing advisory and guidance to researchers within the program, which includes
      providing advice on finding, collecting, and presenting information, managing data and
      information, and increasing writing skills.

      Terms and conditions include medical benefits and capacity building.
      For qualified and motivated candidate, please send your CV with a cover letter explaining your motivation to apply to recruitment(at)pelangi.or.id (recruitment@...) no later than 16 August 2010.
      Only short-listed candidates will be noticed and invited for an interview.

      Denia Aulia Syam

      "I am a free spirit and I shall not be tamed." in memory of Juana Chatilla

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      From: Chrissanty Suwono <csuwono@...>

      Date: 2010/8/4

      Subject: [staff] Vacancy Announcement

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      terkait dengan akan direkrutnya Program Manager untuk Pelangi, terlampir adalah Vacancy Announcement nya. Silahkan disebarkan di milis2 anda atau ke teman dan sodara yang memenuhi syarat dan berminat bekerja di green NGO seperti Pelangi :D

      terima kasih,


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