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The Legislative Fellows Program batas 16 Juli 2010

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  • Luthfi Widagdo Eddyono
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    Subject: The Legislative Fellows Program batas 16 Juli 2010
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    Yth. Rekan-rekan,


    saya sampaikan informasi kegiatan Legislative Fellows Program tahap kedua yang akandilaksanakan di Amerika Serikat beberapa bulan ke depan. Kegiatan tahap pertama telah saya ikuti pada 28 maret sampai 5 mei 2010 lalu. Apabila berminat, batas pengiriman pada tanggal 16 Juli 2010.


    Hanya perlu mengisi formulir (dalam attachment atau klik link dibawah) dilampiri Curiculum Vitae, tidak perlu tes apapun.





    Luthfi Widagdo Eddyono







    USINDO is soliciting applications from young Indonesian professionals
    interested in participating in the American Council of Young Political
    Leaders (ACYPL) Legislative Fellows Program.

    The American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) Legislative Fellows Program will provide international participants with an in-depth, hands-on exploration of the vital role that a diverse civil society plays at all levels of our country’s political processes and how this involvement informs and enhances American democracy.  In doing so, foreign participants will strengthen their understanding of American governance, politics, and the legislative process.  The American program participants will gain knowledge and insight into the government and political dynamics of the country in which their hosted fellow lives and works. By traveling overseas, they will gain personal insight into the challenges and opportunities of local political and government systems and share professional perspectives, strategic advice, best practices and shared aspirations.

    These exchanges will serve as a foundation on which to establish sustainable two-way partnerships between the young professionals from East Asia and the Pacific Rim and their American counterparts, with the goal of promoting and strengthening civil society, transparent politics, good governance, and mutual understanding and trust.

    The Legislative Fellows Program is divided into two cycles, with two
    phases to each cycle.  During the first phase of the cycle Fellows from Indonesia will travel to the US for a week of meetings in Washington, DC, a month long legislative fellowship in a pre-determined U.S. state and a week of wrap up and State Department meetings in Washington, DC.  The American mentors  will then travel to Indonesia for two weeks during the second phase of the cycle.

    Legislative Fellows Program applicants must be:
        *University Graduates
        *Age 25-35
        *Fluent in English
        *Professionally engaged in politics, elections, policy-making, civic
    education or grassroots advocacy
        *Possess demonstrated leadership abilities and a commitment to public service
        *Committed/ able to organizing a program in applicant’s country for
    American mentor that includes joint outreach and capacity building

    The application deadline is July 16.  The application form can be
    found here<http://www.usindo. org/ACYPL/ Application2010. doc>.
    Please email it to *applications@ usindo.org* by July 16, 2010

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