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ISFiT 2011, Norway (11 - 20 Feb 2011)

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  • Retno Widyastuti
    http://www.isfit.org/news/article/show/113 What is ISFiT? ISFiT - The International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway is the world’s largest student
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      What is ISFiT?

      ISFiT - The International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway is the world’s largest student festival with a thematic focus. About 450 students from all over the world attend the festival. The themes have changed over the years, but have always been related to social and political topics with international relevance.

      World figures often attend ISFiT and past speakers include His Holiness the Dalai Lama, former Director-General of WHO Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland and Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Dr José Ramos-Horta and Professor Wangari Maathai. Using modern technology, both former US president Bill Clinton and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr Desmond Tutu have relayed their thoughts about the global significance of ISFiT to plenum ceremonies at the festival.

      As students are the future leaders of the world we believe that their voices should be heard and international networks established. Thus the purpose of ISFiT is to be a meeting place for discussion and debate, an arena where ideas are born, friendships are made, and valuable lessons are learned. The festival aims at fostering inspiration and being a starting point for international cooperation amongst students. ISFiT is a non-profit festival.

      The ISFiT participants take part in different workshops, which highlight the festival theme in various ways. Several lectures and thematic meetings will be arranged, where well-known international speakers share their views with the participants and others. The ISFiT audience is also welcome to join a vast cultural programme of concerts, art exhibitions and performing arts.

      In order to organize ISFiT, more than 350 students in Trondheim work voluntarily, making sure every detail goes as planned. ISFiT has been arranged in Trondheim, Norway every second year since 1990.

      How to apply

      In order for you to participate in ISFiT 2011, you need to send an application to the ISFiT 2011 board. All applicants must be at least 18 years old and current students. The board will process the applications and send out personal invitations to the selected students.

      You will find the application form for workshops here, and the dialogue groups here. We must receive your application by the 30. September 2010 to process it. We understand that some schools do not resume classes until after our deadline. Because of this, we encourage you to apply early online.

      If you have no way of achieving internet access, you can send a request for an application form and we will post it to your address. To enhance further communication we however encourage you to apply online if possible. The postal address to which the request should be sent is,

      ISFiT 2011

      Postterminalen NTNU

      7491 Trondheim


      If you apply for participation at ISFiT 2011, please note that you receive a personal invitation from the ISFiT 2011 board before planning your trip. We receive thousands of applications to each ISFiT, but are only able to invite approximately 450 students for each festival. The personal invitations will be given on the basis of the essays written in the application. The topics of the workshops are given on our website www.isfit.org.

      Financial Support

      ISFiT 2011 aims for a great variety in the background of the students who will attend the festival. We seek different points of view and therefore different cultural perspectives from the participants. In order to reach this goal we can offer financial support to selected students. Please note that ISFiT 2011 has a limited amount of funds to offer, so we recommend that you will find alternate ways of financing your journey. There is a variety of scholarships and legacies for wich you may apply for, or maybe your university will support you. Specifications of what expenses the travel support covers is outlined in the travel support application. To apply for financial support from ISFiT 2011, please visit our website at www.isfit.org.

      Food and accommodation

      As a participant at ISFiT 2011 there will be no expenses for food and accommodation. During your stay in Trondheim, you will be living with a host who will provide you with a bed and breakfast. Lunch and dinner will be served at the workshops free of charge.


      During the festival, English will be the working language. As a participant it is therefore important that you have sufficient knowledge of both oral and written English.


      If you have any questions concerning ISFiT 2011, please do not hesitate to contact us at question@ isfit.org.

      Graduate Student of Japanese Area Studies
      University of Indonesia - Depok

      HLN MITI Mahasiswa


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