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Fw: The 1st ISC Kansai - Sustain 2010 (Call for Paper)

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  • Retno Widyastuti
    Taken from: http://ppi-kyoto.org/call-for-paper The 1st ISC Kansai - Sustain 2010 (Call for Paper) The 1st Indonesian Scientific Conference in Kansai-Japan
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      The 1st ISC Kansai - Sustain 2010 (Call for Paper) 

      The 1st Indonesian Scientific Conference in Kansai-Japan (ISC Kansai) adalah konferensi internasional yang khusus diselenggarakan di wilayah Kansai, Jepang dan akan menjadi kegiatan besar tahunan Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di wilayah Kansai (PPI Kansai). Tahun ini, PPI Kyoto dipercaya sebagai tuan rumah penyelenggaraan ISC Kansai untuk pertama kalinya.

      ISC Kansai ini ditujukan agar dapat menjadi ajang pertemuan ilmiah, sarana diskusi dan publikasi hasil penelitian maupun penerapan teknologi terkini tidak hanya bagi pelajar Indonesia di wilayah Kansai, namun juga di Jepang dan seluruh dunia.

      Kami mengundang para pelajar Indonesia di seluruh dunia untuk mengirimkan karya tulisnya tahun ini dengan tema
       "Sustainable Future for Human Security" (SustaiN 2010)

      Konferensi ini akan diselenggarakan di 
      Kyoto University, Kyoto, 4 Desember 2010.

      Untuk informasi dan pertanyaan lebih lanjut, silahkan melayangkannya ke email kami (
      isckansai@ gmail.com)

      Kami akan sangat berterima kasih bila informasi ini dapat diteruskan kepada teman2 pelajar/mahasiswa Indonesia di dalam dan luar negeri.

      Sampai bertemu di Kyoto.

      ppi-kyoto.org/isc (situs resmi ISC Kansai 2010)

      Humas SustaiN 2010
      Dedy Eka Priyanto
      isckansai@ gmail.com


      Under the broad theme Sustainable Future for Human Security, we invite submissions for the following sub-themes :

      1. Food, Water and Energy security in tropical countries (FEW)
      • Food and water security
      • Energy related issues
      • Renewable energy
      • Energy efficiency
      2. Environmental issue in developing countries (E) 
      • Reuse, Recycle and Reduce
      • Environmental impact assessment from life cycle perspective
      • Waste management
      • Environment and economics
      3. Sustainable cities and rural in tropical hemisphere countries (C) 
      • Sustainable buildings
      • Architecture and its challenge towards sustainability
      • City/rural planning
      • Civil engineering
      4. Advance technology (AT)
      • Nanotechnology
      • Nuclear technology, others
      5. Natural Hazard (NH)
      • Disaster prevention
      • Disaster management
      • Geology

      6. New Insights on Emerging Diseases in Developing Countries (ED)

      • Infectious Diseases and Immunology
      • Cancer and Tumor Immunity
      • Hormonal and Degenerative Diseases
      • Autoimmunity
      • Genetics in health and medicine

      7. Socio-culture and social science (S)

      Abstracts and papers
      Abstracts are limited to 
      two (2) A4-pages (including all figures) and must be submitted electronically through our abstract submission system using specific format. Should your abstract be accepted, you are required to submit a full paper via our email ( isckansai@ gmail.com ) using a specific format. The full paper should be written in English with the expected length of between 5000 and 7000 words. Paper presentation must be done in English . One author can only submit one abstract.

      Important dates

      30th July 2010         (final abstract submission)
      th August 2010   (abstract acceptance)
      th November       (final full paper submission)


      Graduate Student of Japanese Area Studies
      University of Indonesia - Depok

      HLN MITI Mahasiswa


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