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  • Retno Widyastuti
    http://pasca.ugm.ac.id/id/news.php?news_id=80 CALL FOR PAPERS 2ND INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE STUDENTS CONFERENCE ON INDONESIA “Indonesia and the New Challenges:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2010

      CALL FOR PAPERS 2ND INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE STUDENTS CONFERENCE ON INDONESIA “Indonesia and the New Challenges: Multiculturalism, Identity and Self Narration”


      Contemporary Indonesia is going through a dynamic process of development changes but not without its complexities and multi perspective problems on its population self reflection. The democratic reforms have become a key springboard for the Indonesian people to struggle for their autonomy, rights, and freedom of expression. Because Indonesia is a multicultural society with the tremendous diversity in term of ethnicities, religions, social classes, political parties and gender orientation, this makes the situation a challenging one that needs to be analyzed systematically. Despite such diversities, the common practice of claiming for the sake of self and a particular group interest has been a dominant discourse in everyday life practice. Nevertheless, the robust role of media thus strengthens the struggle of different groups, who demands for their recognition in their everyday works of life. 

      In this multicultural society, the question of identity has becoming a prominent subject of discussion. Identity seen as an ongoing human development process has challenged the definition of the mainstream view, which believes and defends the influence of nature on self. People are also starting to argue for their rights instead of their marginality. In particular, the people with different identities are asking to be recognized as subject in social practice. By that, the self narration is then utilized as an alternative in negotiating position and power. These are the new challenges in the contemporary Indonesia for the government, the practitioners, the academic community and the society at large to debate and reconcile for the betterment of a multi-cultural understanding in a pluralistic society. 

      This 2nd International Graduate Students Conference on Indonesia invites graduate students who are doing research in this topic area or interested in Indonesia to present their paper examining these issues from the perspective of contemporary Indonesia. The presenters are encouraged to come from different disciplines of knowledge.

      This conference will also invite 3 experts on these related issues. These tentative Keynote Speakers are:
      - R.W. Connel (University of Sydney))
      - Michael Feener (National University of Singapore)
      - Ariel Heryanto (Australia National University)

      The conference will be held in the Postgraduate School of Gadjah Mada University (Sekolah Pascasarjana UGM), Jalan Teknika Utara Pogung Yogyakarta 55281, on the 3rd and 4th of November 2010.

      English and Indonesian

      This 2nd International Graduate Students Conference on Indonesia invites graduate students who are doing research or interested in Indonesia to present their paper. The presenters could come from different disciplines of knowledge. Please submit your abstract minimum 300 words but not more than 500 words to the organizer. The deadline of the submission is on the 30th of July 2010.

      This conference includes a registration fee. The fees are as follow:
      Presenters coming from universities in Indonesia : IDR. 150.000
      Presenters coming from universities outside Indonesia : US$ 25.00

      Participants (do not present a paper) 
      From Indonesia : 200.000
      From outside Indonesia : US$. 30

      The presenters and participants from outside Indonesia could make their payment during the conference but are required to register by sending the Form of Registration before the 30th of July 2010.

      Please send your payment through this bank account: Direktur Sekolah Pascasarjana UGM, BNI Branch UGM Rek. No. 0039227315

      The organizers will provide the seminar kit, certificate, and coffee breaks and lunch for the 2 conference days. The presenters have to pay their own transport and accommodation. Yogyakarta is one of the cheapest cities in Indonesia and you could easily find the cheap hotels and accommodation for your stay here. For more detail information about the hotels, the organizers would recommend the guest houses of the universities and the hotels close to the university. We recommend the guest houses below:

      1. Wisma MM UGM (http://housing.mmugm.ac.id Telp (+62) 274 557 988)
      2. Wisma UC UGM
      3. Wisma Kagama http://kagama.ugm.ac.id/wisma/ Telp: 0274-560142 Fax. 0274-560186 - email: pphkagama@...
      4. Wisma ICRS-Yogya ( www.icrs.ugm.id, icrs@... Telp: +62 274 562 570) 
      5. Indraloka homestay (http://www.yogyes.com/id/yogyakarta-hotel/budget/indraloka-homestay/ Telp (+62) 274 544428)

      For more detail information please contact: 

      Arum Candra
      E-mail : figcindonesia@...
      Telp / Fax : +62 274 564239
      Hp. +62 85645460245


      Graduate Student of Japanese Area Studies
      University of Indonesia - Depok

      HLN MITI Mahasiswa


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