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International Youth Exchange Program: JOGJA Selection 2010

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  • Retno Widyastuti
    http://pcmijogja.wordpress.com/ ONCE LIFE TIME EXPERIENCE Joint Us to Be the Indonesian Youth Ambassador If you consider yourself as a youth, active, dynamic
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      Joint Us to Be the Indonesian Youth Ambassador

      If you consider yourself as a youth, active, dynamic

      The programs offered for Yogyakarta Special Province’s Candidate selection year 2010:

      The financing for each program is fully covered by the Indonesian government and the sponsoring committee in each related country. One of the things that need to be concerned by the future participants is to prepare their best to be able to represent Yogyakarta Special Province.


      1. Indonesian citizen
      2. Listed as a citizen of Yogyakarta Special Province
      3. Physically and  mentally healthy
      4. Not married yet
      5. Fluent in English (both oral and written)
      6. Have a broad view of international & national issues
      7. Active in organization or other vocational activities
      8. Have competencies in arts and culture
      9. Never joined any international youth exchange program sponsored by Department of National Education or State Ministry of Youth and Sports Republic of Indonesia
      10. Passed selection in provincial and national level


      AIYEP Requirements:

      1. Male
      2. 21-24 Years of age

      SSEAYP Requirements:

      1. Female
      2. 20-30 Years of age



      1. Administrative Selection (results are announced at April 8, 2010)
      2. First Phase selection (interviews): April 10, 2010 (results are announced at April 11, 2010)
      3. Second Phase Selection (finals) : April 16-18, 2010 (results are announced at April 19, 2010)


      1. English fluency
      2. General knowledge
      3. Leadership, civic and nationalism
      4. Individual character, arts and skills
      5. Program preparedness
      6. Yogyakarta Special Province in-depth knowledge


      • The registration form submission deadline is due from April 5, 2010 to April 7 2010 (every 10 AM – 1 PM) at Balai Pemuda dan Olah raga, nDalem Ngadiwinatan KT II / 23 Alun-alun Selatan Yogyakarta.
      • Insert registration form and the supporting requirements in yellow folder for SSEAYP and a red folder for AIYEP.
      • Applicants must submit in person completed form with following documents:
      1. One copy of Yogyakarta ID Card (KIPEM/KTP DIY)
      2. One copy of student ID Card (for student)
      3. One copy of most recent academic Diploma (School/University/College)
      4. Recent color photographs (white background): 4×6 and 2×3, 6 sheets each
      5. Personal CV and supporting documents

      For detail information, please contact:


      Contact Person: Kiki (0274-9655660), no SMS!

      Graduate Student of Japanese Area Studies
      University of Indonesia

      HLN MITI Mahasiswa

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