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  • Retno Widyastuti
    taken from : http://oia.ugm.ac.id/interface/?p=254 Nagoya University Programme for Academic Exchange (NUPACE) is now open for application both for autumn and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2010
      Nagoya University Programme for Academic Exchange (NUPACE) is now open for application both for autumn and spring semester.  NUPACE offers a unique curriculum consisting of Japanese language instruction, Japan area/intercultural studies, and courses in the students major field of study.

      Academic Calendar

      Autumn Semester

      • Class schedule: 1 October 2010 – 10 February 2011
      • Winter Vacation: 28 December 2010 – 7 January 2011
      • Spring Vacation 11 February 2011 – 31 March 2011
      • Students joining NUPACE programme in autun 2010 are required to arrive in Japan in late September for pre-class orientation

      Spring Semester 2011

      • Class schedule (tentative): 13 April 2011 – 5 August 2011
      • Summer Vacation: 8 August 2011 – 30 September 2011
      • Students joining NUPACE programme in Spring 2011 are required to arrive in Japan in the early April 2011 for a pre-class orientation.


      The scholarship is open to students who at the time of application and admission to Nagoya University are enrolled in full-time courses in UGM who meet following conditions:

      1. GPA minimum 3.1 on a scale of 4.0
      2. Applicants must demonstrate that they will benefit from studying in Japan, and are required to produce a clear study plan with regard to their studies at Nagoya University
      3. Applicants must not be previous recipients of JASSO scholarship
      4. Applicants are not permitted to simultaneously apply for a Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship for the same academic year
      5. Applicants must, upon completion of their term of scholarship submit a study report to Nagoya University
      6. Applicants must for reasons of financial difficulty, be unable to finance their studies in Japan independently
      7. Applicants must, upon their completion o the term of exchange, return to their home institution
      8. Applicants must be eligible to obtain a ‘college students’ visa for the purpose of study in Japan and, therefore must hold a nationality other than Japanese
      9. Applicants must not be recipients of scholarship awards from other organization that exceeds 80.000 Yen per month
      10. Applicants must have a good english capability (TOEFL min. 550)


      Application forms may be downloaded from the NUPACE website at http://www.ecis.nagoya-u.ac.jp/nupace. In addition to completing online registration procedures. Students applying to participate in NUPACE mus submit the following documents to Nagoya University via Office of International Affairs UGM.

      1. NUPACE Application Form
      2. Contract
      3. Study Plan/Description of Academic interest (typed on a separate sheet of A4 sized paper. refer to Q.13 of NUPACE Application Form)
      4. Official transcript of academic records (in English)
      5. Confidential Reference Form (to be written in English by a faculty member in an academic field related to the applicant’s major)
      6. Language Proficiency form and supporting documents (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC)
      7. Official Certificate of Enrollment as a students of UGM (in English)
      8. Certificate of Enrollment of the Applicant for Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship for Short Term Study in Japan)
      9. Health Certificate
      10. Personal Data sheet
      11. Copy of the information page of the student’s passport, where available
      12. Four identical photographs (3,5×4,5cm) signed on the reverse side, on of which should be attached to the NUPACE Application Form
      13. Statement of Bank Account Balance (only to those who wish to participate in NUPACE even if their application for a Student Exchange Support Program scholarship is unsucessful)
      14. Letter of Nomination  (Surat Pencalonan dari Dekan ditujukan ke Kepala Kantor Urusan Internasioanl)

      Documents Submission

      Register online and submit two copies of your application documents to Office of International Affairs before March 10, 2010. For those who want to aply for spring semester, the deadline is September 15, 2010.


      Graduate Student of Japanese Area Studies
      University of Indonesia
      * HLN MITI Mahasiswa *

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