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Call for Paper AISC - Taiwan 2010

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  • Retno Widyastuti
    from : http://www.aisc-taiwan.org/aisc-taiwan/ The First Annual Indonesian Scholars Conference in Taiwan This century, the world has entered the era of
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      The First Annual Indonesian Scholars Conference in Taiwan

      This century, the world has entered the era of knowledge-based economy where economic growth, prosperity, and nation’s standard of living are heavily influenced by the ability to master and capitalize science and technology. This era is also characterized by strong tendency to create an open system which can lead to global competition. One of the main factors that can increase the competitiveness of nations is increasing the investment and improving the quality of human resource development and research.

      Indonesia as a developing country with abundant natural resources needs knowledge-based skillful employers whom they are able to manage, enhance their economic value, and provide solutions to the problems faced in terms of safety, health, education, environment, agriculture, industry, infrastructure, and other sectors. However, the big issues related to improving the quality of human resources and researches are still facing Indonesia today.

      As an overseas academician, both students and employers who work on strategic sectors have an important role to support the increase of nation’s competitiveness. One of them is participating in strengthening and accelerating national research, thus they can become advocates/supporters in the development of national industry based on science and technology, developed by the nation itself. Do not want to left behind, the Indonesian Muslim Student Forum in Taiwan (FORMMIT) was determined to take part in the move with initiating a scientific forum that the results expected to be a trigger to improve the quality of national research and acceleration of the knowledge capitalization that leads to increase economic growth, and increase welfare of Indonesian people.

      Important Dates :

      Deadline for paper submission: February 28, 2010
      Notification of acceptance: March 7, 2010
      Deadline for accepted paper: March 14, 2010
      Registration: March 14, 2010


      Call for Papers :

      The First AISC-Taiwan is now accepting manuscript submissions. Prospective authors are invited to submit their manuscript draft in extended abstract or full paper form to aisc.taiwan@ gmail.com by February 28th, 2010.


      Click HERE to download Call for Papers leaflet.



      Graduate Student of Japanese Area Studies
      University of Indonesia
      Komisi HLN MITI Mahasiswa

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