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Fw: Kesempatan menjadi relawan dan ke UK GRATIS melalui Global Xchange 2010

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      Subject: Kesempatan menjadi relawan dan ke UK GRATIS melalui Global Xchange 2010

      Please kindly inform this opportunity to your friends and colleagues. Thanks

      The Global Xchange (GX) programme is an international voluntary exchange programme which provides a unique opportunity for young people from different countries and cultures to collaborate, to develop and share valuable skills and to make a practical contribution to local communities. For 4 months volunteers from Indonesia are paired up with a young person from the UK and get the chance to live and work in Britain and Indonesia.

      In 2010 the Global Xchange programme (GX101) will take place in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) and Luton (UK). Once selected, each volunteer will be placed for two months in each city and not three months as in previous years. As a reciprocal programme, Yogyakarta will be the first host city in April with Luton completing the UK phase of the exchange in August 2010. To help facilitate the programme set-up and operation we will work in partnership with the Centre for Security of Peace Studies, University of Gadjah Mada.

      We are currently recruiting suitable volunteers, aged 18-25, who are presently living in Yogyakarta. Candidates whose city of origin is different from Yogyakarta are eligible to apply but they must have lived in Yogyakarta for a minimum of two years so as to be able to orientate volunteers in the city. If selected the volunteer must be committed to complete all phases of the programme and abide by the Code of Conduct throughout the exchange.

      For further information and download the application form please visit www.britishcouncil.or.id

      Once completed, the application form should be emailed to globalxchange2010@ugm.ac.id or sent by post to:

      Pusat Studi Keamanan dan Perdamaian (PSKP)

      UGM Sekip K-9 Universitas Gadjah Mada,

      Yogyakarta, 55281, Tel/Fax: +62 (0274) 520 733.

      The closing date for receipt of applications is Wednesday, 3rd February 2010 at 4pm.

      We actively encourage candidates from any ethnicity, religion and/or educational background to apply.

      Best Regards,

      Hesti Maharini

      Global Xchange Programme Supervisor
      British Council I T +62 (21) 515 5561 ext 230 I F +62 (21) 5155562
      hesti.maharini@... I www.britishcouncil.or.id
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