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Fw: Indonesia: time to talk money

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  • lebah buayawati
    Peace Generation is da Best Vokoke Perkapers will alwyyzz be blessed lah Joy oh joy Of the life adventure I ll find in the next bend of being Since
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2009

      Peace Generation is da Best
      Vokoke Perkapers will alwyyzz be blessed lah
      Joy oh joy
      Of the life adventure I'll find in the next bend of being
      Since knowledge omnivora have I decided to be  
      "Aerodynamically a bee can't fly .
      But since a bee don't know the law of aerodynamics , a bee fly."
      Mary Kay Ash
      Don't know who she is but worthy word she does has.

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      Subject: Indonesia: time to talk money
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      Date: Friday, November 6, 2009, 3:59 AM

      Avaaz.org - The World in Action Dear friends,
      The G20 finance ministers are meeting this weekend. Can you send them a message now and urge them to put climate change back on the agenda for their meetings this weekend?

      It’s less than five weeks till the crucial Copenhagen summit, our deadline for a deal to stop climate catastrophe. This Saturday, finance ministers of the world’s 20 biggest economies are meeting in Scotland -- and Indonesia is one of them.

      Developing countries won't join in a climate deal unless rich countries, who created the climate crisis, pay to fix it. So the price tag of a fair, ambitious and binding global treaty is $150 billion a year in funding to help poorer countries to adapt and cut emissions. But only a fraction of that is so far pledged -- and we're hearing this isn't even on the agenda for the G20 finance chiefs' summit!

      This is an emergency -- the Copenhagen summit could collapse without a funding plan. Let’s flood our finance ministries with messages over the next 36 hours, pressing them to put climate back on the agenda before it’s too late -- Take action now at this link:


      There’s no shortage of bold and practical ideas for how the funds could be raised –for example, levies to close the tax-free loophole on aviation and shipping fuels or a charge on financial speculation could raise tens of billions each.

      Last month, we targeted the European Union with ads and campaigns -- and they set a precedent by starting to put money on the table. But Europe must raise their offer, and other rich countries need to join them. $150 billion a year is needed by 2020 to invest in low-carbon development and the green economies of the future. We can do it, but it’ll take a massive surge of political will.

      That’s where we come in. As hundreds of thousands of citizens from every one of these countries, let’s challenge our own finance ministers to be real leaders not climate villains -- press them to agree a climate finance package at this link:


      With hope and determination,

      Paul, Taren, Graziela, Iain, Milena, Pascal, Ricken, Sam, Julius, Ben and the whole Avaaz team

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