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    FANNING FELLOWSHIP OVERVIEW The Kettering Foundation invites journalists and scholars of journalism outside the United States to spend five months working
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      The Kettering Foundation invites journalists and scholars
      of journalism outside the United States to spend five months
      working with us to explore the role of the media in a
      democratic society and the obligations of journalists to
      public life. Fellows are expected to develop a
      research project. The foundation is particularly interested
      in projects that explore the following topics:

      The impact of journalistic standards that create a division
      between experts and citizens or treat citizens as passive
      consumers of information
      Efforts to use the media in ways that develop citizens' civic
      capacities and sense of agency.
      The role of the media in framing issues in ways that enable
      citizens to actively participate in making decisions together about their collective
      futureThese topics underscore

      Kettering's primary concern with democracy and the foundation's interest
      in journalism only insofar as journalists might contribute
      to developing civic capacities of citizens.

      Past projects have included everything from
      articles, columns, and blogs to television and radio
      productions and book manuscripts. Other appropriate projects
      will also be considered, such as research papers that
      address an aspect of the question of what role should
      journalists play in democracy, as it applies to a fellow?s
      own country.

      As part of their fellowship, Fanning Fellows will be asked
      to discuss and react to a series of readings on deliberative
      democracy that serve as an ongoing theoretical
      orientation to the foundation's work. They will also
      attend workshops, seminars, and other meetings to learn
      about the foundation?s research and exchange ideas and
      insights based on their experiences.

      Fellows will have an opportunity to visit at
      least two news organizations that practice a more civic
      form of journalism in the United States.

      The Fanning Fellowship is open to citizens from countries
      and territories outside the 50 United States and the
      District of Columbia.

      Selection is based on:
      the relevance of the proposal to the foundation?s research
      questions the strength of the nominee?s 
      - work experience and academic
      background (advanced degree or bachelor?s degree, or the
      - the strength of the letter of recommendation by a
      sponsoring organization
      - fluency in written and spoken English, as determined by the
      sponsoring organization experience in public or civic journalism is a plus
      a commitment to using the experience to further explore the role of the media in democracy and to share future work with the foundation prior attendance at Kettering Foundation workshops or other deliberative experience is also
      helpfulExpenses and compensation are covered in full
      by the Kettering Foundation. 

      These normally include:
      round-trip airfare from the home country to Dayton, Ohio; salary commensurate with experience, from which fellows pay their living expenses; travel expenses for
      foundation-related trips; and travel/accident insurance and
      medical coverage.

      Applications should include the nominee?s
      > curriculum vitae, a nomination letter from a sponsoring
      > organization, and a letter of intent that contains a
      > brief description of the proposed research and how it
      > relates to the work of the foundation.
      > Qualified applicants will be asked to submit a more detailed project
      > proposal, which will be developed in collaboration
      > with Kettering Foundation staff. Further inquiries about the
      > fellowship
      >  and the foundation?s research should
      > be emailed.
      > Fellowships begin in February and July. Applications for
      > the February class of fellows are due by October 1 of the
      preceding year.  Applications for the July class are
      > due by March 1.
      > Applications should be emailed to internationalfellowships@...


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