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JAPAN-ASEAN Student Conference 2009

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  • Retno Widyastuti
    Roger Pornpoj Sansuchat sent a message to the members of ASEAN University Network. ... Subject:  JAPAN-ASEAN Student Conference - Contact your IRO Are you a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2009
      Roger Pornpoj Sansuchat sent a message to the members of ASEAN University Network.

      Subject:  JAPAN-ASEAN Student Conference - Contact your IRO

      Are you a student at an AUN Member University?

      The JAPAN-ASEAN Student Conference will be held in Japan on 13-19 November 2009.

      The Japan-ASEAN Student Conference proposed by the government of Japan is in pursuit of forging network among 120 and 30 youths from ASEAN and Japan respectively in building mutual understanding and network of initiative. Reflecting the Three Pillars of envisioned ASEAN community, the Conference set discussion themes upon (1) Environment (political-security), (2) Economy, and (3) Socio-Culture. 

      1.      All expenses will be responsible by Japanese Government

      The air ticket of students will be provided by travel agency subcontracted with JICE

      2.      The application package and documents send out from AUN Secretariat includes:

      ·        Application Guideline

      ·        Entry Form

      ·        Sheet for Academic Background

      ·        VISA Application

      ·        Description sheet of three discussion themes

      ·        List of travel agency subcontracted with JICE in ASEAN country

      3.      Qualifications of the applicant

      Age between 18-25 (undergraduate or graduate students)
      Have English Proficiency
      Have a deep understanding and relevant background in the assigned theme
      Have basic knowledge of ASEAN-Japan relationships is desirable
      Have not been participated in JENESYS projects
      Preference to be given to the students who had been participated the ASEAN University Youth Summit 2008, Thailand.

      4.      Require documents from applicant:

      ·        Entry Form

      ·        Information Sheet on Academic Background

      ·        Two photo (5x5 cm)

      ·        Three copies of passport

      ·        VISA Application

      ·        Essay (1000 – 1500 Words)

      ·        One Recommendation Letter

      5.      The documents’ collection:

      Documents submitted to AUN: (the soft files submission is desirable)

      ·        Copy of Passport

      ·        Entry Form

      ·        Essay

      ·        Recommendation letter

      ·        Information Sheet on Academic Background

      Documents that should be kept at AUN Member Universities in each country (for visa arrangement):

      ·        Copy of Passport

      ·        Visa application form (two original with photo for each)

      ·        Copy of Entry Form

      6.      The deadline of submission

      Please submit the list of candidate to AUN Secretariat by 10 September 2009

      The submission documents (please see details on Item 5) can be sent to AUN Secretariat later but not later than 16 September 2009.

      7.      Selection process

      The candidates from AUN Member Universities will be selected by the Steering Committee which comprises AUN Secretariat, JICE and Japanese Embassy, Thailand.  The successful candidates will be announced by the end of September.

      8.      Visa Arrangement

      After the conclusion of the selection process, Travel Agency subcontracted with JICE in each country will collect Original Passport and Visa application form (with photo) of the successful candidates.  For further information on visa arrangement, please contact the travel agency in your country directly.

      The list of travel agency is attached herewith for your information.

      9.      The contact person of the programme

      Pornpen JOY Khooharungkitcharoen (MS)
      AUN Programme Officer

      Office of the AUN Secretariat
      Room 210 Jamjuree 1 Building,
      Chulalongkorn University
      Phayathai Road,
      Bangkok, Thailand

      Tel: + (662) 2153640/ 2153642 ext. 105
      Fax: + (662) 2168808
      Email: pornpen@aun-http://www.facebook.com/l/;sec.org

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      Post-Graduate Student of Japanese Area Studies
      University of Indonesia

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