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      Subject: Indonesia-Japan Symposium


      Date & Venue

      Topic and Presentation

      Keynote Speakers

      Papers Submissions


      Important Dates



      The Committee


      Registration Form

      • Diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Japan started in 1958 and it has been developed and maintained ever since, shown by the existing mutual cooperation in almost every all aspects such as economy, politics, technology, investment, tourism, social, culture and education. The symposium will highlight possible cooperation between the two countries on various aspects related to food & agriculture, energy & environment, and the Japanese studies in cultural, social and political sciences.
      • The year 2008 will be the moment to celebrate the golden year of this relations. There are strong bonds between Indonesia and Japan and this will be reflected through this event. The event will be the first and biggest Indonesia – Japan Symposium and Expo, where participants, decision makers, academia, industries, practitioners, from both countries will share their innovation and research findings.


      • Provide a forum for Indonesian and Japanese scientists to share and discuss their research cooperation which is benefited to both countries
      • To enhance future researh cooperation between the two countries to contribute to the country development.

      Date & Venue

      The symposium and research expo will be conducted on November 1-2, 2008 in Kemayoran Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia.

      Topics and Presentation

      1. Food Security, Food Safety & Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture
      2. Renewable Energy And Environment
      3. Japanese Studies in Cultural, Social and Political Sciences
      4. Other Related Topics

      Keynote Speakers, Invited Papers and Posters

      • Internationally recognized experts on each topic from Japan and Indonesia will be invited to present keynote speech.
      • Researchers form Japan and Indonesia who are doing research collaboration on each topic are invited to present their research paper in the symposium.
        The number of invited speakers are 45, consists of 1 keynote speaker for plenary session, 4 keynote speakers for 4 topics and 40 sessions speakers.
      • The symposium will also invite authors to present poster.

      Papers Submissions

      All the authors are requested to prepare an abstract and full paper according to the guidelines, and submit to the Symposium Secretariat at least October 10, 2008 for abstract, and October 20, 2008 for full paper.
      Interested authors who will present posters are also requested to submit abstract and full paper. Space for poster is limited, so an advisory panel will select the poster papers and the accepted papers will be announced in the Second Announcement.
      All the papers (oral and poster papers) will be published in the symposium proceeding.

      Guidelines for Paper and Poster
      All author (s) for paper and poster are requested to submit abstract of about 300 words and full papers of maximum 15 pages, both should include the author (s) name, affiliation, mailing address and phone, fax and e-mail address.
      The abstract and paper should be printed on A4 paper, left margin 2.5 cm, and 2 cm for top, bottom and right margin; 1.5 line spacing, font size Arial :11.
      Poster must be printed on a standard size poster paper with an appropriate font size which can be read from at least 1 m distance.


      • The symposium is opened to public, free of charge, however registeraion is necesary (registeration forms are available in the attachment).
      • Participants are expected from Japan and Indonesia; decision makers, academia (scientists and students) from Universities, researcher form reserach institutes, industries, practitioners.

      Important Dates

      • Announcement & Call for Papers
      • Submission of Abstract
      • Submission of Full Papers
      • Symposium Date
      :September 10, 2008
      :October 10, 2008
      :October 25, 2008
      :November 1-2, 2008

      Symposium Organizer

      The symposium is organized by : Indonesia-Japan Friendship Association (Perhimpunan Persahabatan Indonesia Jepang, PPIJ)
      Supported by :

      Tentative Schedule

      08.00-09.00Registration & Welcome Refreshment
      09.00-10.30OPENING : J-I EXPO & SYMPOSIUM
      11.00-11.30Plenary Session : Keynote Speech
      Japan : Mr. Y. Fukuda, former Prime Minister *
      Indonesia : Prof. Ginandjar Kartasasmita
       Parallel Sessions:
      Topic : A
      Food & Agriculture
      Topic B :
      Energy & Environment
      Topic C :
      Social, Culture & Politics
      Topic D :
      Other Related Topics
      11.40-12.40Session 1. Keynote Speech & Paper presentation
      12.40-13.40Lunch Break and Poster Sessions
      13.40-15.40Session 1. (cont.) : Paper presentation & Discussions
      15.40-16.10Coffee Break & Poster Session
      16.10-18.00Session 2. Paper presentation
      18.00-19.00Dinner & Sholat Magrib & Poster Session
      19.00-20.00Senssion 2. (cont.) : Discussions


      October 31, 200809.00-16.00Excursion (for Japanese speakers, students & participants)
      October 31, 200819.00-21.00Welcome Reception & Grand Japan Alumni Reunion at Nikko Hotel
      November 2. 2008MoriningExcursion to Japan-Indonesia Expo at Kemayoran Exhibition Center

      The Committee

      Chairman: Kamaruddin Abdullah 
      Co-chairman: Rachmat Gobel
      : Ismaji Hadisumarto
      General Secretary: Tineke Mandang 
      Members: Zuhal
        Herry Suhardiyanto
        Bachtiar Alam
        Sheddy Tjandra
      Chairman: Tineke Mandang 
      Co-Chairman: Endro Prabowo
        Irna Djajadiningrat
      Nurhayati Hadi Susilo
      Secretary: Susy Luhulima
        Viana Wicaksono
      Treasurer: Susy Luhulima
        Tri Ediana
      Opennng & Clossing: Hideki Amangku
        Yani M. Djaja
      Indri Tohir
      Shobicahtul Aminah
      Registration: Swany
      Risma Siahaan
      Session & Papers: Endro Prabowo
        Nurhayati Hadi Susilo
      Robby Kambey
      Irna Djajadiningrat
      Food & Beverage: Sylvi Wijaya
      Accomodation & Transportation: Alwi
        Budi Kohar
      Public Relations: M. Surya
      Duto Sulistyadi
      Docummentation: Karim S. 
      Excursions & hospitality: Mandoko
      Yani M. Djaya
      Welcome Reception: Nusa Tundan
      Viana Wicaksono
      Tri Ediana
      General: Teguh Budiono
        Anis Baswedan
      Abdul Kadir
      Mensa Toegiono
      Resource Persons: Djangrono
        Budi Kohar
      Event Organizer: PT Royalindo 

      * Under confirmation


      Address : PPIJ Secretariat
      Jl. Dewi Sartika 14. Cawang II. Jakarta 13630
      Tel/Fax : 21-8015703./ 21-8015683
      e-mail : ppij@..., info@...

      Contact Persons:
      Susy Luhulima (PPIJ)
      Djangrono (PERSADA)

      Best Regards,
      Post-Graduate Student of Japanese Area Studies
      University of Indonesia

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