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Fwd: TIIMI 2008 | Call for Papers Extension

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      Subject: TIIMI 2008 | Call for Papers Extension

      Halo Teman2,

      Mungkin ada yang tertarik, dan mohon bantuannya untuk menyebarkan pengumuman ini ke milis-milis yang berhubungan. Terima Kasih.



      TIIMI 2008 | Call for Papers Extension

      Dear Colleagues,
      Due to the demands and technical problems that we’ve experienced with the electronic mails and the web. The TIIMI 2008 Commitee had extended the deadline of abstract submission deadline to the 20th of October 2008 and shift the date of the event to the 7th of December.

      The Committee are very sorry for the inconvenience that the future prospects had experienced.

      PPIUK are calling for papers for the annual TIIMI 08 (Temu Ilmiah Internasional Mahasiswa Indonesia 2008).

      Scientific papers of novel and innovative ideas, practical applications and new technologies under the proposed or related themes are invited for presentation in the conference. An abstract about 300 words written in English on A4 size paper with 25mm all round margin should be e-mailed to the Conference Committee.
      The title of the paper, name of authors (maximum five), mailing address, telephone numbers, e-mail address and the Session topics centralized at the top of the front page should be provided. Five keywords from the paper must also be provided after the text in the abstract. It is advised to also attach a brief CV/Educational background of the writer.

      1. Theme:
      “Corruption Culture in Indonesia: Future Perspectivesâ€

      2. Background
      After five years of Commission for Corruption Combat (KPK) established, many corruption cases has been exposed and solved. As future leaders, young generation should be ready and sturdy to continue to prevent and combat against corruption. Because of the persistence for these years, young generation should have been introduce and be prevented from culture and moral destruction, as the core cause of this corruption. Good corporate governance practice in daily activities should be performed by all stakeholders e.g., the government, citizen, young generation, and companies. Confidently, cultural related corruption could be tackled, including time management, intellectual rights, and private rights. Moreover, we also have to encounter numerous corruption related issues, such as private rights of each individuals, information technology role, and media task to provide reliable news. This seminar will discuss the cultural strategies as a core scheme to future
      encounter versus corruption.

      3. Aim
      •    Overview recent achievements on corruption prevention and combat against corruption in Indonesia
      •    Discuss how to prevent corruption culture persistence by Young generation preparedness in future role in combating corruption
      •    Discuss the significant role of information technology and media in campaign against cultural corruption framework
      •    Esteem private rights to establish decent society

      4. Discussion Theme
      A. Recent progress and discontinue corruption
      •    Current corruption laws, actors, and progress
      •    Community Cultural Reformation
      •    Good Corporate Governance practice
      B.Young generation role
      •    Education Strengthen
      •    Proactive Young Generation
      C.Information Technology, Media and Private Rights
      •    IT law on private data in Indonesia
      •    Media rights and etiquette
      •    Respect Individual rights and laws

      5. Venue
      The conference will be held in London, United Kingdom on December 5th-7th 2008

      6. Call for paper
      •    Abstract Submission Deadline
October 20th 2008
      •    Accepted Papers
October 27th 2008
      •    Full Paper
November 10th 2008

      7. Submission Requirement
      •    Full paper consists of 3000-5000 words including notes and references. It should be typed in an A4 paper using word processors and Times New Romans 12pt font.
      •    The first page should indicate author’s contact information, university, Major degree pursued/achieved.
      •    Paper should include page number in the centre below
      •    Paper should include reference in footer below in each page (if it is necessary)
      •    Paper should be written in English or Indonesian
      •    Paper should be submitted electronically through email to TIIMI 2008 committee at tiimi2008 @...

      For more information contact tiimi2008 @... or visit www.tiimi.co.uk

      Muhammad Irfan Assaat
      irfanassaat@ hotmail.co.uk
      TIIMI 2008  

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