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Fw: lowongan DOSEN PTN

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  • Retno Widyastuti
    ... From: p_adi_n@mail.ugm.ac.id To: sp2mp-2006@googlegroups.com Sent: Friday, September 19, 2008 5:05:32 PM Subject: lowongan jd
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2008
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      Subject: lowongan jd DOSEN PTN


      UNJ : http://www.unj. ac.id/idx.php? name=News& file=article& sid=273

      UNAN : http://www.unand. ac.id/docs/ PengumumanCPNS20 08.pdf

      UPI : http://www.upi. edu/?C=Spot& id=21

      PNJ : http://www.pnj. ac.id/pdf/ cpns08.pdf

      POLINES : http://www.polines. ac.id/PNSPolines .pdf

      POLTEK MALANG : http://www.poltek- malang.ac. id/files/ PENGPENPNS08. pdf
      POLBAN :
      http://www.polban. ac.id/index. php?option= com_content& task=view&id=133&Itemid

      UNHAS : http://www.unhas. ac.id/index. php?menu= isi_berita& id=419
      UNM : http://www.malang. ac.id/um. lowongan/ index.htm
      UNPAD : http://www.unpad. ac.id/files/ data/2008/ 09/pengumumancpn
      UNEJ :
      http://www.unej. ac.id/index_ show.php? subaction= showfull&
      id=1221444112& archive=&start_from= &ucat=4&
      UNAIR : http://www.unair. ac.id/filer/ PENGUMUMAN% 20CPNS%202008. pdf
      ITS : http://www.its. ac.id/pengumuman /PENGUMUMANCPNS. pdf
      UNY : http://www.uny. ac.id/home/ data.php? m=951da6b7179a4f
      697cc89d36acf74e 52&i=2&k=817330758
      UNNES : http://www.unnes. ac.id/v6_ alpha/berita/ 5/artikel_ 629.html
      UNSOED : http://www.unsoed. ac.id/
      UNDIP : http://www.undip. ac.id/download/ Umum-1-Syarat- 2008.pdf

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