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Peace Scholarships Program (OZ)

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    Taken from : http://scholarshipcalendar.com/item/?oid=&fid=&iid=460   Tolong disebarkan ke teman-teman lain, terutama yang masih tahun kedua/ketiga. Semoga
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 18, 2008
      Tolong disebarkan ke teman-teman lain, terutama yang masih tahun kedua/ketiga. Semoga Bermanfaat ^__^!

      Peace Scholarships Program (Indonesia)

      IDP Education Australia

      Australia | Deadline : Sep 30, 2008
      The idea for the Peace Scholarship Program originated at the Australian International Education Conference in 2001 in Sydney in response to the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. The program was designed to help build global peace and understanding and operates on the principle that providing opportunities to students to study abroad promotes the interaction of diverse cultures through, improves cross-cultural understanding, leading to enduring global peace.
      The Peace Scholarship Program is committed to providing opportunities for eligible students in selected countries worldwide to study abroad in Australia at undergraduate or postgraduate level and at a later stage to provide opportunities for Australian students to study abroad.
      Less than two per cent of students enrolled in higher education globally have the chance to benefit from studying abroad. The Peace Scholarship Program aims to provide international educational opportunities to deserving students from selected countries who would not otherwise have the option.
      282 students from thirteen countries have been awarded Peace Scholarships to date, commencing undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Australia each semester since July 2004.
      Australian universities are wonderful supporters of the Peace Scholarship Program through the provision of tuition fee-waivers and a wide variety of organisations also support the Peace Scholarship Program through cash and in-kind donations.
      In order to continue to provide scholarships to deserving students from around the world, the Peace Scholarship Program continues to seek support and sponsorship from the education sector, corporations, individuals and the community.  All donations of money and property to the Peace Scholarship Trust - one of the Trust's that facilitates the Program are tax deductible in Australia.
      Australia and Australian education institutions have benefited enormously from international students since the mid 1980s and the Peace Scholarship Program provides the opportunity for individuals and organisations to give something back, which will bring long-term global benefits.


      AusAID Indonesia, IDP Education Australia, Edith Cowan University, Macquarie University and the University of Notre Dame, in association with the Peace Scholarship Program are offering the opportunity for up to four students from Indonesia to study abroad in Australia for one semester commencing February 2009.

      WHAT DO I GET?

      There are up to four Peace Scholarships available for eligible students in Indonesia worth up to AU$15,000 and covering:
      • Tuition fees for study abroad at an Australian university for 1 semester
      • Funds to cover travel costs, living costs, accommodation and other costs
      • Two day orientation welcome program
      • Other services and products offered by supporters of the Peace Scholarship Program
      • Lifetime networking opportunities with Peace Scholarship recipients worldwide
      Students who meet the eligibility criteria as provided below are invited to apply for the Peace Scholarship.


      STEP 1
      Ensure you fulfil each of the selection criteria as detailed below:
      • At the time of application you have completed at least three semesters and no more than six semesters of your first full-time undergraduate degree of an accredited course at any university in Indonesia
      • You have achieved at least a 65-70% average mark in your degree to date
      • You can preferably gain credit transfer for your study abroad program at the host university in Australia for your degree at your home institution
      • You have a level of English language proficiency that satisfies both Student Visa requirements for entry to Australia as well as host institution requirements
      • You do not hold citizenship or permanent residency in Australia and have not previously studied overseas, either in Australia or elsewhere (unless on a scholarship or to study English) 
      • You are able to demonstrate a commitment to ‘global peace and understanding’ through community, academic or professional achievements
      • You are able to indicate how the Peace Scholarship experience will enhance  your professional development and help contribute to global peace and understanding
      • You are able to demonstrate a financial need and that without this scholarship you would not have the chance to study overseas
      STEP 2:
      The following materials must be received by IDP in Indonesia (details below) by 30th September, 2008.
      1. Completed, printed and signed application form 
      2. Completed, printed and signed Agreement of Award Terms and Conditions
      3. Certified true copy of English translated official academic transcript, including current year grades - certified by IDP
      4. Proof of English language ability including IELTS or TOEFL (paper-based, computer-based or internet based)
      5. Two References/Testimonials in English 
        • One reference/testimonial from home institution (Dean or higher). This reference/testimonial must follow the format outlined on the Home Institution Reference Form and address the criteria requested
        • One reference/testimonial from someone you have worked with on a particular community service project that you talk about in your application (preferably your supervisor), or from someone who can honestly discuss your involvement in community based activities and projects and who has known you for more than 2 years. This reference/testimonial must follow the format outlined on the Community Leader Reference Form and address the criteria requested.
      Note: References cannot be submitted from a person to whom you are related.
      All applications must be received by IDP Indonesia (details below) by 30th September 2008.
      Who can I contact for more information?
      For more information regarding the 2008 Peace Scholarship Program please contact globalpeace@... or the contacts below. Please send your applications to the IDP office listed below by the 30th September.
      Url :
      Rachmi Sjafei (Ms.)
      Senior Project Officer/IELTS Administrator ID017
      IDP Education Pty.Ltd. - South Jakarta Office 
      Jl.Terusan Gedung Hijau I Kav.9 no.01 E                          
      Komp.RUKO Fitria Pondok Indah                                                   
      Jakarta Selatan - 12310 INDONESIA  
      Phone: +62 21 750 3552/2660
      Fax: +62 21 769 4846


      Post-Graduate Student of Japan Areal Studies
      University of Indonesia
      Depok, Indonesia

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