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  • lebah buayawati
    visit to Holland For 5-10 Indonesian people involved with hiv/aids, gay issues, there will be a chance to pay a work visit to Holland this year, to see how
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 16, 2008
      visit to Holland
          For 5-10 Indonesian people involved with hiv/aids, gay issues, there
      will be a chance to pay a work visit to Holland this year, to see how
      Holland deals with the hiv/aids problematics related to gay people in
      particular, and people with hiv/aids in general.
      Tickets and accomodation will be sponsored by Dutch Aids
      To make a chance to be one of the lucky people you have to send the
      following information:
      1. your name and photo
      2. a short introduction to the organisation you work for/with in
      maximum 500 words
      3. The reason WHY you think YOU should win the invitation
      4. email of both you and your organisation
      5. Contact address of your organisation
      Those who receive an invitation will receive a ticket, accomodation
      and all other expenses paid (including passport/visa) .
      Your own organisation will also receive a donation for their work.
      Your entries should be in Before March first at:
      fresh.dutch@ yahoo.com
      From: Claudio Schuftan <cschuftan@phmoveme n t.org>
      Date: Jan 13, 2008 1:59 AM
      Subject: PHA-Exch> Conference on Womanhood: Needs,
      Rights, Development and Cultural Diversity in Asia
      To: pha-exchange@ phm.kabissa. org
      From: Maja Gonzales majagon_58@yahoo. com
      Conference on Womanhood: Needs, Rights, Development
      and Cultural Diversity in Asia to be held in Davao
      City, Southern Philippines on March 28-30, 2008.
      Presenter-participa nts have various topics to choose
      from: From women's bodies to self-organization,
      economic justice, governance, peace, security and
      Abstract deadline: January 30, 2008
      Travel Cost: Free for Southeast Asian Presenters
      Registration: USD 250 (Free for Southeast Asian
      Thank you.
      WOMEN Conference Workshop
      "Womanhood: Needs, Rights, Development and Cultural
      Diversity in Asia "
      Ateneo de Davao University- Conference Room
      Jacinto St., Davao City, Phillippines
      March 28-30, 2008
      Organized by
      In Cooperation with
      Mindanao Working Group on Reproductive Health and
      Center for Women's Resources
      Dear Colleagues, Friends and Visitors
      Warm Greetings!
      Women Studies and Resource Center, Inc.(WSRC) is a
      non-government organization which aims to raise the
      level of consciousness of women in Mindanao toward
      their significant participation in social
      transformation. It also provides support services to
      various women groups involved in the movement for
      change. Specifically, research and documentation are
      integral parts of its support services. WSRC has done
      exploratory and participatory researches on women
      issues with grassroots women.
      WSRC is set to host a conference-workshop on March
      28-30, 2008 here in Davao City at Ateneo de Davao
      University Conference Room and Grand Menseng Hotel
      with the title "Womanhood: Needs, Rights, Development
      and Cultural Diversity in Asia .
      The conference envisions a strong network of women
      researchers contributing to the enrichment of women
      research in Southeast Asia towards developing
      integrative framework. It aims to encourage
      researchers on concepts of women's rights and women's
      life experiences in Asia communities.
      The conference utilizes symposia and workshops to
      maximize participation and to evoke more ideas,
      insights, and reflections of women doing research with
      It is in this light that WSRC invites you or your
      organization to be one of the presenters on the said
      conference based on the Conference theme and thematic
      area of your choice (please see attached). Kindly send
      us your abstract before January 15, 2008 for
      consideration and review of the Conference Screening
      We hope you can join us in this effort and we look
      forward to working with you.
      Yours for the Preparatory Committee,
      SGD. Luzviminda C. Ilagan SGD. Mae Fe Ancheta-Templa
      SGD. Rosena D. Sanchez SGD. Lourdesita Sobrevega-Chan
      Conference Programme
      PARTICIPANTS are invited to submit abstracts within
      the field of the Thematic Areas.
      Main Theme:
      "Womanhood: Needs, Rights, development and Cultural
      Diversity in Asia "
      Thematic Areas
      1. Women's Bodies
      This area is a Journey from Maternal Health to Women's
      Health to Reproductive Health to Reproductive Rights
      with "Body Integrity" (Reproduction, Sexuality and
      Health) as a main concern.
      This thematic area covers the following concerns and
      issues :
      1.1 Taking Care of Ourselves
      Body Image
      Eating Well - Nutritional Care
      Alcohol, tobacco, and other mood altering drugs
      Complementary Health Practices
      Emotional Well-being
      Environmental and Occupational Health
      Violence and Abuse
      1.2 Relationships and Sexuality
      Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
      Relationships with men
      Relationships with women
      1.3 Sexual Health
      Sexual autonomy, Reproduction and the Menstrual Cycle
      Safer sex
      Sexually transmitted Infections
      HIV and AIDS
      1.4 Reproductive Choices
      Considering Parenting
      Birth Control
      Unexpected Pregnancy
      1.5 Child bearing
      The First Year of Parenting
      Child-bearing loss
      Infertility and Assisted Reproduction
      1.6 Growing Older
      Midlife and Menopause
      Our later years
      1.7 Medical Problems and Procedures Unique to Women
      Special Concerns for Women
      1.8 Knowledge is Power
      Navigating the Health Care System
      The Politics of Women's Health
      Organizing for Change
      2. Discrimination and Violence Against Women
      The theme revolves around Cultural and Subjective
      Differences on the Basis of Different Life experiences
      of Girls, Young and Maturing Women. It covers the
      following concerns and issues:
      2.1 Equal Pay for Equal Work.
      2.2 Education for Girls and Women
      2.3 Sexual Violence
      2.4 Legal, cultural, or religious practices by which
      women are systematically discriminated against
      2.5 Domestic Violence
      2.6 Refugee and Internally Displaced Women
      2.7 Migration and Sex trafficking
      2.8 Women Workers
      2.8.1 Pregnancy exams as a condition of work and deny
      work to pregnant women
      2.8.2 Deny legal contracts
      2.8.3 Deny maternity benefits and other health
      2.8.4 Deny breastfeeding support
      2.8. 5 Deny retraining programs
      2.8. 6 Deny work in downsizing
      2.8. 7 forced labor
      2.8.8 excessive working hours
      2.9 Women in State Custody
      2.9.1 Rape
      2.9.2 Inappropriate sexual touching
      2.9.3 Beatings
      2.9.4 Excessive pat-downs and strip searches
      2.9.5 Use of sexualized language
      2.9.6 Other forms of torture
      2.10 Rape as a Weapon of War
      2.11 Institutionalized violence
      2.12 Violence and HIV and AIDS
      3. Identities
      This area covers Ethnicity, Class, Religion and Gender
      Definitions in other Laws and Customary Laws. The
      concerns and issues include:
      3.1 National movement for social transformation and
      Women's Identities
      3.2 Collective identities: Class and Gender
      3.3 Ethnicity and the Woman Question
      3.4 Religion and the Woman Question
      3.5 Fundamentalism and the Woman Question
      3.5 Labels and Women's Sexual Identity
      3.6 Violence and Women's Identities
      3.7 Collective Identities: Class and Gender
      4. Poverty and Economic Justice
      This area tackles Poverty Alleviation, Displacement,
      Migration, Victimization, and Exclusion.
      Concerns and issues include:
      4.1. Women's Economic Security and Rights
      4.2 Women, Trade and Economic Policies
      4.2 Women and Privatization of social/public services
      4.3 Women and Development Aggression
      4.4 Women and Aid Effectiveness
      4.5 Women, Socioeconomic Work and Entrepreneurship
      4.6 Women and Social Credit
      4.7 Migration and Women
      4.8 Women's Access to Market, Goods and Services
      4.9 Women and Environment
      5.0 Women and Consumerism
      5. Peace, Security and Development
      This area covers aggression (disarmament) ,
      demilitarization, resource access and control,
      fundamentalism and national chauvinism, sustainable
      development. It includes the following:
      5.1 Women and the Peace Talks
      5.2 Women and Human Security
      5.3 Women, War and Human Rights
      6. Citizenship, participation and self-organization
      This area covers women organizing, electoral/legislati
      ve struggles ( political participation)
      and governance.
      Conference Specific objectives:
      1. To examine the diversity of womanhood in the
      context of "Asian roots and values" and women's human
      2. To act on women research needs in Asia-Pacific with
      activists in various fields.
      3. To form the basis of a broad research network of
      women researchers in collaboration with researchers
      from other regions in the globe and conscious effort
      of links between young and maturing researchers.
      4. To provide a venue for exchange of ideas,
      information and reflections on three decades of women
      research since the declaration of International Decade
      for Women with particular focus on womanist research
      methods and ethics.
      5. To promote the role and functions of the Southeast
      Asian academics engaged in women research to the
      advancement of women's position and status.
      The official language of the Conference is English.
      Hotel Accommodation
      A number of hotel rooms in different price categories,
      ranging from luxury hotels to bed-and-breakfasts, will
      be offered. Full information will be given in the
      second announcement.
      Abstract Deadline: January 30, 2008
      Travel Cost : Free for Southeast Asian
      Presenter-Participa nts
      Registration: USD 250 (Free for Southeast Asian
      Presenter-Participa nts)
      Social Programme
      A comprehensive social programme as well as Pre-and
      Post Conference tours will be arranged for the
      participants and accompanying persons.
      Secretariat Address:
      Women Studies and Resource Center
      Mailing address: c/o BCCF # 16 Marang St. Jereza
      Subd., Bajada, Davao City Philippines 8000
      Tel. No. (63-82)...
      Mobile Phone : +630926...
      E-mail Add: wsrc82dc@yahoo. com.ph
      (Ms) Anabelle B. Ragsag
      PhD Candidate | Development Studies
      Center for Development Research (ZEF a) ,
      Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms Universitaet
      Walter Flex Strasse 3, 53113 Bonn, Germany
      aragsag@uni- bonn.de
      anabelle.ragsag@ yahoo.com
      Office (+49) (228) 73 49 81
      Mobile (+49) 176 217 96 785 Reminder: Diskusi dengan Tom Michel (Kamis, 17/02/2008)
      CRCS Discussion

      Jesuit Fr. Tom Michel, an American, is a veteran of Christian/Muslim relations and a longtime observer of the Turkish scene. When he worked at the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue, Michel was the Vatican’s point person on Islam, and he now heads the Jesuit office for inter-religious affairs. He teaches regularly in Turkey. He is an author of “A Christian Explains His Belief to Moslem”
      The Discussion will be held on:
      Date: Thursday, January 17, 2008
      Time: 15:00 to 17.00
      Venue: Graduate School of Gadjah Mada University, third floor, room 306
      Theme: Inter-religious Dialogue Among Catholics
      The discussion is free of charge please invite your friends to join the discussion!! !

      Ismail Yahya <ismail.yh@gmail. com> wrote: Salam dari Solo,
      Saya pingin hadir hari itu Pak Zainal....kalau tidak ada halangan...
      Saya teringat buku Ibnu Taymiyah "Al-Jawab as-Shohih li man Baddala din
      al-Masih" diterjemahkan oleh Thomas Michel. Saya baca waktu saya di ANU dulu
      walaupun tidak sampe khatam membacanya:) .
      On 1/3/08, Zainal Abidin Bagir <ZAB.milis@gmail. com> wrote:
      > Salam,
      > Karena sudah disampaikan Hari, saya sambung saja. Dari korespondensi
      > terakhir dengan beliau, disepakati akan datang ke CRCS:
      > HARI: Kamis 17 Januari,
      > WAKTU: Jam 15.00 - 17.00
      > TOPIK: Inter-religious dialogue di kalangan Katolik akhir-akhir ini
      > "Akhir-akhir ini" tentu mencakup juga (terutama?) periodenya Paus
      > Benediktus
      > XVI yang sekarang ini, yang sudah beberapa kali bikin "kejutan" dalam soal
      > hubungan antar-agama.
      > Sayang sekali, memang, tanggal 17 itu semester belum dimulai, dan sebagian
      > mahasiswa mungkin belum di Yogya, tapi tak ada alternatif. Jadi, untuk
      > yang
      > ada di Yogya, mari datang ke acara yang saya yakin akan amat menarik ini.
      > Teman-teman dari luar CRCS juga boleh
      > Terimakasih.
      > z a
      > On Jan 2, 2008 6:36 PM, hari muryanto <haribaik@gmail. com<haribaik%40gmail. com>>
      > wrote:
      > > Teman-teman, saya turut berduka atas semua kejadian yang melanda kita,
      > > seolah tidak pernah ada jeda: banjir, longsor, angin, dll. Tapi saya
      > > yakin itu semua tidak akan menjadikan kita patah arang. Semoga ke
      > > depan kita mampu memberi kontribusi buat keselamatan bersama. Amin.
      > >
      > > Kaitannya dengan aktivitas kita di CRCS, beberapa hari yang lalu saya
      > > ketemu Pak Zainal perihal kehadiran Romo Tom Michel ke Yogya.
      > > Teman-teman tentu sudah tahu Romo Tom. Dia pernah lama mengajar di
      > > Yogya, dan dapat dikatakan memulai aktivitas interfaith dialognya di
      > > Yogya. Ratusan tulisan tentang interreligious dialog sudah lahir
      > > darinya, salah
      satu yang penting dan sudah menjadi klasik adalah "A
      > > Christian Explains His Belief to Moslem". Dia pernah menjadi
      > > penanggungjawab Kantor Urusan Hubungan dengan Islam semasa Paus
      > > Yohannes Paulus II. Sekarang dia adalah Sekretaris Dialog Antaragama,
      > > Serikat Jesuit. Nah, karena kita berada pada wilayah itu juga, maka
      > > saya mengontak Pak Zainal dan mengusulkan untuk mengundang dia ke
      > > CRCS. Saya belum mendapat jawabannya, tetapi menurut saya dia hampir
      > > dipastikan mau ngomong di CRCS, mungkin sebelum tgl 20 Jan. Akan bagus
      > > sekali kalau kita bisa datang dan mendengarkan living thoughts dari
      > > embahnya Interreligious Dialog dari umat Katolik.
      > >
      > > Begitu dulu, mudah-mudahan kita selalu bisa mendapatkan sesuatu yang
      > > berguna dan memberikannya kepada orang lain.
      > >
      > >
      > [Non-text portions of this message
      have been removed]
      Ismail Yahya
      Dosen, Ketua Jurusan Syari'ah, dan Ketua Institue for Study of Religion and
      Civilization (ISRAC) STAIN Surakarta, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia


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      Vokoke Perkapers will alwyyzz be blessed lah
      Joy oh joy
      Of the life adventure I'll find in the next bend of being
      Since knowledge omnivora have I decided to be  
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      But since a bee don't know the law of aerodynamics , a bee fly."
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