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Program Magister Filsafat Islam & Mysticism/Tasawuf ICAS Buka Pendaftaran

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    The New Student Registration Program 2008 Master Degree (MA) of Islamic Philosophy and Islamic Mysticisms ICAS Jakarta (Afiliated to ICAS London UK in
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 12, 2007
      The New Student Registration Program 2008
      Master Degree (MA) of Islamic Philosophy and Islamic Mysticisms


      ICAS Jakarta

      (Afiliated to ICAS London UK in Cooperation with Paramadina University)



      Islamic College for Advanced Studies believes that contemporary world is meeting some more complicated challenges which demands deep concern, evaluated insight, reflective wisdom, and profound religious thought from the Islamic world. 
      The college holds that philosophical and rational approaches in religious, especially Islamic studies would be beneficial in order to meet the above-mentioned purposes.  Originally established in London (in 1999), ICAS grew and founded its branch in Jakarta.
      The ICAS-Jakarta develops education and research in scientific, rational, and philosophical approaches to the Islamic thought. In this regard, it provides high-level Islamic education by enrichment Islamic thought and civilization with contemporary thoughts, cultures, and civilizations. 
      Dialogue is the key approach of the college. In addition to constructing a balanced dialogue between Islamic civilization and other civilizations in the world, the college seeks to establish dialogues between philosophy and religion, philosophy and science, religion and science, philosophy and mysticism, and mysticism and religious jurisprudence. 


      In order to meet those purposes and establish the said dialogues, the college presents several programs and activities as follows:
      1. Education, especially presenting MA courses in corporation with Paramadina University.
      2. Research and literature study.
      3. Publishing.
      4. Short-Courses on various aspects of religion, philosophy, and science.
      5. Seminars and Conferences.


      The college presents two Master’s Degrees:

      1. MA Course of Islamic Philosophy
      2. MA Course of Islamic Mysticism


      The official language of the college in all educational aspects is English. Both Master’s courses, each consisting of 44 credits (icluding 8 credits for seminar and thesis), are to be completed in a period of  four semesters. 
      An Introduction to Logic
      An Introduction to the Islamic Philosophy
      The Interpretation of The Quran
      An Introduction to Islamic Theology (2 credits)
      An Introduction to Islamic Mysticism (theoretical and practical)
      1. A History of Islamic Philosophy I
      2. A History of Islamic Philosophy II
      3. Islamic Epistemology
      4. Islamic Ontology I
      5. Islamic Ontology II
      6. Islamic Mysticism
      7. Islamic Theology
      8. Theology in Trancendent Philosophy
      9. Rational Thinking in The Quran and Sunnah
      10. A History of Islamic Civilization
      11. Contemporary Islamic Philosophy
      12. A History of Greek and Medieval Western Philosophy
      13. A History of Modern Western Philosophy
      14. Philosophy of Religion
      15. Philosophy of Science
      16. Comparative Epistemolgy
      17. Hermeneutics
      18. Some Critical Approaches to the Islamic Philosophy
      1.  A History of Islamic Mysticism 1
      2. A History of Islamic Mysticism 2
      3. Islamic Contemporary Mysticism
      4. A History of Islamic Civilization
      5. Islamic Mysticism 1
      6. Islamic Mysticism 2
      7. Islamic Practical Mysticism (Al-Irfan Al-‘Amali) 1
      8. Islamic Practical Mysticism (Al-Irfan Al-‘Amali) 1
      9. A History of Eastern Mysticism
      10.  A History of Western Mysticism
      11. Comparative Mysticism
      12. Philosophy of Mysticism
      13. Islamic Philosophy
      14. Hermeneutics
      15. Islamic Theology
      16. Mystical Interpretation of The Qur’an
      17. The Relation of Mysticism and Sharee’ah
      18. The Relation of Mysticism and Transcendent Philosophy
      Introductory Courses are held in the Preliminary Semester for Both Islamic Philosophy and Islamic Mysticism Programs. Credits in this semester are exluded from the total credits. Any Unit of Core Courses is worth two credits.


      1. Prof. Dr. Jalaluddin Rakhmat
      2. Prof.Dr. Toeti Heraty Roosseno
      3. Prof. Dr. Mulyadhi Kartanegara
      4. Prof. Dr. Komaruddin Hidayat
      5. Dr. Seyyed Mohsen Tabatabaei
      6. Dr. Seyyed Mohsen Miri
      7. Dr. Haidar Bagir
      8. Dr. Abdul Hadi WM
      9. Dr. Zainun Kamal
      10. Dr. Alireza Hodoee
      11. Dr. M. Ja’far Elmi
      12. Dr. Mohammad Shomali
      13. Dr. Seyyed Mahmood Musawi
      14. Dr. Ahmad Vaezi
      15. Dr. Homayoun Hemmati
      16. Dr. J. Sudarminta
      17. Dr. F. Budi Hardiman
      18. Dr. Akhyar Yusuf Lubis
      19. Dr. Armahedi Mahzar, M.Sc.
      20. Dr. Umar Shahab
      21. Dr. Abdul Muis Naharong, MA
      22. Husein Shahab, M.A.
      23. Husain Heriyanto, M.Hum.
      24. Budhy Nunawar Rahman, M.Hum
      25. Dr. Zaenal Abidin Bagir, MA
      26. Donny Gahral Adian, M.Hum.
      27. Thomas Hidya Tjaya, MA
      28. Gerardette Philips, MA



      Tuition fee is Rp. 3.500.000 per semester.  The college provides scholarship for tuition fee only for students who fulfil the requirements of the scholarship scheme.  The scholarship scheme is based on academic achievement ,i.e., the Grade Point Average (GPA):
      GPA: 3.50 –4.00  receives 100 %  scholarship
      GPA:  3.00 – 3.49  receives 50 %  scholarship


      Any applicant must meet entry requirements as listed below:
      1. Possesses a Bachelor’s degree in any field of study.
      2. Completes the Applications Form
      3. Fulfils the Examination requirement (the Exam comprises Academic Potential Test, English test and Interview)
      4. Accepts the College’s Code of Conduct
      The college admits at most 35 students every year in any MA course.
      Pre-Registration Requirement:
      1. One Copy of Identity Card
      2. Color Photo size 2 x 3 and 3 x 4 (@ 4  piece)
      3. Copy of Certificate academic (legalized by the university)
      4. Copy of Academic Transcript (legalized by the university)
      5. To pay the registration and entrance test fee   Rp 100.000
      6. To fill the pre-registration form and follow the entrance test (Written Test & Interview)
      The requirement to study at Preliminary semester:
      The new student should pay the for course preliminary semester about     Rp 1.500.000 (for tuition fee, student administration & library member).
      Other informations:
      1.      The Pre-registration period:  
      ·         First  Period:  November 1, 2007 – to December 22, 2008
      ·         Second Period: Januari 2, 2008 – February 19, 2008
      2.      The entrance test will be held in ICAS Campus (Pondok Indah Plaza III, Blok F5, Jl. TB.Simatupang, South Jakarta Indonesia):
      a.       First Period:
      ·         Written Test:  Thursday, December 27, 2007 at 9.30.am – end.
      ·         Interview: Friday-Saturday,  December 28-29, 2007, at 10.00 am – end      
      b.      Second Period:
      ·         Written Test:  Thursday, February 21, 2008 at 9.30.am – end.
      ·         Interview: Friday-Saturday,  February 22-23, 2008, at 10.00 am – end       (The schedule of the interview will be determined by the committee).
      3.      The announcement of the result of entrance test:
      a.       First Period Entrance: January 19,  2008, and
      b.      Second period Entrance: March 4, 2008.
      4.      The Re-registration period of the student who has passed the Entrance Test will be held:
      a.       First Period:  January 19 – Febuary 19, 2008
      b.      Second Periode:   on March 4 --  March 19 , 2008.
      5.      The course start on March 21, 2008.
      6.      The course will be held at Friday and Saturday (at  9 am to 5 pm)
      7.      For more information and detail of the program, please contact:
      Islamic College For Advanced Studies (ICAS) Jakarta,
      Pondok Indah Plaza III, 3rd floor, blok F-5, T.B Simatupang Street,
      South Jakarta 12310, Indonesia.
      Phone: (021) 765-1534 , Fax. (021) 765-1601.         
      CP: Mr. Ahmad Samantho,  Mrs. Erliyani Manik & Mr. Hasan Mawardi
      E-mail:    icas@...,   icas_jakarta@...,    ay_samantho@...,
      Website:   www.icas-indonesia.org

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