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    Grant Opportunities for Education, Media and Civil Society Projects in Asia IREX announces grant opportunities to support education, media, and civil
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 8, 2007

      Grant Opportunities for Education, Media and Civil Society Projects in Asia

      IREX announces grant opportunities to support education, media, and civil society projects in Asia.  Proposals will be considered for projects that strengthen civic engagement, professionalism and independence in media, the quality of and access to basic education, as well as training for professionals in these fields.
      IREX will provide a select number of grants of up to US$10,000 to local private, nongovernmental institutions in Asia for projects that address one of the following focus areas and desired objectives.
      • Training for in-service and pre-service education professionals, to include curriculum development and teaching methodologies; and/or training in educational leadership for school administrators.
      • Vocational training or educational programs addressing child labor or trafficking, child soldiers, HIV/AIDS, learning disabilities or special needs.
      • Journalism training, to include basic reporting skills, environmental reporting, business and economics reporting, investigative reporting, and other specialized reporting skills.
      • Media advocacy, to include education on the value of professional media, development of media legislation, community outreach, and training in issues related to free media.
      • Institutional development of media and media-related institutions, to include support for equipment and operational costs.
      Civil Society
      • Institutional development of civil society organizations, to include support for training and technical assistance. Preference given to organizations and/or initiatives focused on advocacy, transparency and accountability, anti-corruption and/or citizen participation.   
      • Women's empowerment initiatives that promote the full participation of women in all levels of economic, political and /or social life.  Special use of technology encouraged. 

      Applicant Information

      In lieu of a formal application or proposal, IREX requests that interested organizations submit a brief letter of inquiry, of no more than two pages, to help determine whether the proposed project would address IREX’s present interests.
      The letter should include:
      • The purpose of the project for which funds are being requested
      • Problems and issues the proposed project will address
      • Information about the organization conducting the project
      • Estimated total project cost (not to exceed US$10,000)
      • Period of time for which funds are requested
      Inquiry letters will be reviewed on a rolling basis and if they meet IREX’s current interests, the grant seeker will be asked to submit a formal proposal.
      Inquiry letters can be sent by mail, fax or e-mail to the attention of:
      Small Grants Fund
      2121 K Street, NW
      Suite 700
      Washington, DC 20037
      Fax: 202-628-8189
      E-mail: sgf@...
      Please write “Small Grants Fund” in the subject of the e-mail or fax cover sheet.

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