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  • jenang gulo
    Oi... gmn kbr Buaya Tua yg ada di Jakarta? pada kebanjiran ga? awas banjir2 gini banyak buaya lepas tapi kayaknya lbh berbahya buaya berkaki dua... Sby aman,
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 7, 2007
      gmn kbr Buaya Tua yg ada di Jakarta?
      pada kebanjiran ga?
      awas banjir2 gini banyak buaya lepas
      tapi kayaknya lbh berbahya buaya berkaki dua...
      Sby aman, tp ujan mulu tiap hr...
      see U....

      Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.
    • lebah buayawati
      Hi , aku dapet dari Reliefweb.org. Capek ngopinya jd ga merhatiin. Ada yg lain tp kopi dewe ya................ zz Protective Services subteam Volunteers Peace
      Message 2 of 3 , Feb 14, 2007
        Hi , aku dapet dari Reliefweb.org.
        Capek ngopinya jd ga merhatiin.
        Ada yg lain tp kopi dewe ya................
        Protective Services subteam Volunteers
        Peace Brigades International (Peace BI)
        Peace Brigades International (PBI) Indonesia Project PBI is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organisation (NGO) that works to establish justice and peace in the world through nonviolent action. To do this we send unarmed international peace teams, when invited, into areas of repression or conflict to provide Protective Services to those who are threatened due to their work for human rights and for the creation of a just peace within their own country. In all of its work, PBI is committed to the principles of nonviolence, nonpartisanship, and nonintervention. Since 2000, PBI’s Peace Education Program has been cooperating with local partners to provide workshops and trainings to Indonesian civil society groups.
        Location: Indonesia (Jakarta, Papua and Aceh)
        Closing date: 01 Apr 2007
        Job Description
        Positions Available:
        Participatory Peace Education sub-team Volunteers. Both Indonesian Nationals and International applicants are encouraged to apply.
        Protective Services sub-team Volunteers. International applicants are encouraged to apply.
        When: Closing date for applications is 1 April 2007. Volunteer Training is expected to be in early 2007 in Indonesia. This ten-day training will be the final step in the application process. The training will be conducted in English. Having sufficient Indonesian & English language skills volunteers can join the teams
        Where: Current sub-teams are working in Jakarta, Aceh and Papua.
        Peace Brigades International (PBI) Indonesia Project PBI is a non-profit, nongovernmental organisation (NGO) that works to establish justice and peace in the world through non-violent action. To do this we send unarmed international peace teams, when invited, into areas of repression or conflict to provide Protective Services to those who are threatened due to their work for human rights and for the creation of a just peace within their own country. In all of its work, PBI is committed to the principles of non-violence, non-partisanship, and non-intervention. Since 2000, PBI’s Peace Education Program has been cooperating with local partners to provide workshops and trainings to Indonesian civil society groups.
        The Participatory Peace Education sub-teams work with local organisations to implement community peace-building activities. Activities are conducted upon request from local organisations in Aceh and Papua and possibly in various other provinces across Indonesia. The expectation is that activities will be based on a longer term presence of the team in a conflict area, working closely with local communities. The development and maintenance of peace education resources will be one of the ongoing activities.
        The Protective Services sub-teams will work to increase the working space of Human Rights Defenders throughout Indonesia. Protective Services not only include physical accompaniment of Human Rights Defenders at their offices, homes or on field trips but also entail any activity that protects and encourages local Human Rights Defenders to stay active and committed to building a more just society. In order to provide these services, the team members develop strong networks at regional, national and international levels.
        All teams conduct research to analyse the conflicts in areas where PBI conducts activities in order to include the effectiveness of existing PBI activities and peace-building strategies. They maintain correspondence with the Project and write reports on sub-team activities and program development. These are in Indonesian (with most local contacts) and English (within the Project and international contacts).
        Contract: 18 months full time volunteer contract. (12 or 15 months contracts to be discussed with the Human Resources Coordinator)
        Benefits: Volunteer stipend/local living allowance, accommodation, medical and living/working costs; return travel/flight from place of origin and repatriation allowance.
        Training: Professional development training will occur in November in Europe. The Indonesia Project covers most of the training costs; however, there is a sliding-scale fee, which is expected to be borne by the volunteer. Volunteers accepted with limited or no Bahasa Indonesian will be expected to spend 3-4 months in language school before commencing work with the team. Insufficient English language skills need to be improved as a prerequisite to starting on a team. There are limited scholarships available for exceptional applicants (funds permitting), where volunteers are unable to meet the cost of the training and/or language study. Applicants should indicate in the initial application if a scholarship is required to help cover training costs.
        Qualifications of PBI Team Volunteers:
        1. Knowledge, skills and experiences:
        Excellent Bahasa Indonesian and English language skills, both written and verbal
        Demonstration of a strong commitment to human rights and social justice.
        Excellent computer skills, including MS Office( Excel and Word are a priority)
        A commitment to non-violence, empowerment and social justice
        Demonstration of physical, emotional, and psychological stability
        Additional skills of PPE Volunteers:
        Skills in training or education including experience and knowledge of methodologies.
        Knowledge or practical experience with peace-building and nonviolent conflict resolution or other related disciplines with a social justice focus.
        Experience in working with conflict
        Experience with local Non-Government, religious or social organisations.
        Knowledge about or prior experience with PBI
        Previous experience working in a non-hierarchical group that makes decisions by consensus.
        2. Characteristics
        Willingness to work in conflict zones
        Commitment to work for an 18 month period
        Excellent interpersonal skills
        Ability to live in a group environment
        Commitment to a grass-roots lifestyle
        Commitment to empowering others
        Awareness of the complexities of working in a multi-cultural environment
        Flexibility in responding to changing priorities
        Ability to manage stress
        Strong understanding of, and commitment to, nonviolent communication both on the team and in the community
        Understanding of the need for non-partisanship on the project and ability to work in a non-partisan manner
        Readiness and willingness to live for a long period of time in a rural area in very simple living conditions, and under a lot of stress. Volunteers will need to understand the possible risks they face
        Vacancies Contact
        It is expected that a PBI team volunteer will be 25 years of age or over. A younger applicant may be considered at the discretion of the Indonesia Project.
        In order to apply, fill in the Application and Reference forms which can be obtained by sending a short email to PBItraining@... or online at www.peacebrigades.org by the 1 April 2007.
        Reference Code: RW_6SQDTT-44
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        By Source:
        Peace Brigades International (Peace BI)
        By Sector:
        Protection / Human Rights / Rule of Law
        By Country:
        By Source: Peace Brigades International (Peace BI)
        By Sector: Protection / Human Rights / Rule of Law
        By Country: IndonesiaWatsan Technician
        OIKOS - Cooperação e Desenvolvimento (OIKOS)
        Location: Indonesia (Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar)
        Closing date: 02 Mar 2007
        Job Description
        Position Overview
        Support the development and implementation of water & sanitation (watsan) activities in the Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, mainly in Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar.
        Essential Job Functions
        - Supervise teams of workers engaged in specific watsan tasks independently if they respond directly to Oikos or to a contractor, ensuring that work completed is to Oikos requirements.
        - Assess water and sanitation needs in communities and plan implementation of projects in a participatory manner.
        - Ensure that all watsan work is carried out in a manner, which is sensitive to community and gender needs.
        - Keep accurate records of Oikos watsan equipment in use.
        - Prepare weekly reports on monitoring trips and accomplishments during the week, and plan the following activities accordingly to the global work plan and budget.
        - Provide technical advice and support to Oikos staff and also to the contractor’s workers in the field and the maintenance committees in the villages or TLC’s (Temporary Living Centers) under Oikos management.
        - Able to follow the contract agreements, assisting the constructor when required, being able to criticize and revise the work executed him;
        - Assist with planning and budgeting of watsan activities by location or activity.
        - Carry out construction quality evaluations and work progress of activities implemented by Oikos or its constructers.
        - Ensure that all the work related to water, sanitation and environmental public health met International quality standards, related Donor Agency standards as per the Sphere’s Project Standards.
        - Collaborate and coordinate with other NGO’s in the field and local authorities;
        - Identity training needs for the local partner teams or constructer workers, or members of local maintenance committees and recommend actions to be undertaken for their capacity building.
        Non-essential Job Functions
        - Evaluate and propose improvements to construction project implementation.
        - Provide technical specifications and guidelines for construction implementation and supervision.
        - Provide drawings (standard or project specific) for planned activities or new projects proposals
        - Degree in Civil Engineer or relative field.
        - Two years of experience in supervising construction projects.
        - Capacity to work alone and take decisions.
        - Capacity to negotiate and criticize constructively the workers under contractors hired by Oikos or under oikos direct supervision.
        - Capacity to make a weekly and monthly report and work plan, calculate budget costs and logistic needs to carry out the proposed activities;
        - Supervise the work of contractors, partners or oikos junior staff often in area of own specialism.
        - Contribute to the project planning and monitoring.
        - Problem solving activities related to watsan solutions under implementation in the villages or TLC’s, using professional or technical knowledge.
        - Flexibility to work with minimal backup support and limited access to IT technologies and other logistical goods.
        Other Skills/Abilities
        - Computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel and Autocad).
        - Proven ability to work effectively as part of a team.
        - Demonstrate and sound knowledge plus understanding of watsan issues.
        - Technical interest and aptitude for the planning, implementation and evaluation of water and sanitation projects.
        - Hability to write and communicate in English.
        NOTE: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.
        Send CV and motivation letter by e-mail to Leila Calado (Oikos-Project Department), e-mail: gap1@...
        Vacancies Contact
        Send CV and motivation letter by e-mail to Leila Calado (Oikos-Project Department), e-mail: gap1@... Programme Manger - Ref: 06/ID/020E
        International Development Agency
        Location: Indonesia (Jakarta)
        Closing date: 28 Feb 2007
        Job Description
        The International Department is based in Maynooth and a number of overseas locations. It is comprised of 6 geographical regions, (South East Asia; Middle East, Central & South Asia; Latin America; Central & West Africa; East & Horn Africa; Southern Africa) a co-financing unit, a PCM unit and an emergency response unit. There are six cross-organisational teams that are inextricably linked to the International Department, following the 6 themes of our strategic plan – mobilising for justice, building sustainable livelihoods, preparing for and responding to emergencies, the environment, HIV and gender.
        Trócaire first placed staff in the South East Asia Region in 2005 to manage Trócaire's response to the Indian Ocean Tsunami as well as programmes in Timor-Leste. Trócaire has also seconded staff into strategic positions in tsunami-affected countries and supported tsunami response from Head Office. Trócaire would now like to increase the decentralised resources dedicated to managing the tsunami response. At the same time, Trócaire is undergoing a process of focusing its work in 25 priority countries and placing more staff overseas. This will require the development of new systems and ways of working and the utilization of resources in different ways. A new strategic plan for the organization 2006-2015 has also just been launched.
        With reference to Trócaire's Strategic Plan 2006-2015, the Regional Programme Manager will be responsible for overseeing and co-ordinating all aspects of programme work in the region. This will include implementation of country plans and programmes; it will also include roll out and implementation of Trócaire organisational policies and procedures. The Programme Mananger will work closely with the Regional Manager and others to implement plans to realise geographical focus and decentralisation from Head Office including the establishment of new offices in priority countries.
        Key duties and responsibilities:
        Programme Management
        Programme Quality
        Human Resource Management
        Budgeting and Financial Management
        Representation and networking
        Essential requirements:
        Minimum five years' development experience, with at least three working in the field.
        Experience of the partnership model of development and rights-based approaches
        Organisational skills, including the ability think strategically, develop and implement plans and determine the resources needed to carry out plans
        Strong representation, networking and advocacy skills
        Familiarity with and sensitivity to the local church and the Caritas Confederation
        Fluent written and spoken English
        Good writing skills for a variety of readers including donors, public and other stakeholders
        Proven human resource management skills
        Knowledge of the region
        A relevant third level qualification
        Values driven, actively committed to gender equality, be a team player and display a high level of interpersonal skills
        Full job description available at http://www.trocaire.org/
        Vacancies Contact
        To apply please forward your application (quoting the reference number above) to:
        Eileen Ryan
        Head of Human Resources and Finance
        Maynooth, Co. Kildare
        via hr@... Public Health Promotor - 10 months contract for Indonesian nationality only
        Oxfam Great Britain
        Oxfam GB is an international non-governmental organization working in over 70 countries to address poverty and suffering through the support to development, humanitarian and advocacy programmes.
        Location: Indonesia (Yogyakarta)
        Closing date: 18 Feb 2007
        Job Description
        As part of the Emergency Response Team, you will be responsible for ensuring rapid responses to public health needs in emergencies throughout Indonesia. Responsibilities include conducting or overseeing rapid assessments, elaborating and implementing response strategies and activities, in coordination with Oxfam partners and other stakeholders. You will be also responsible for the provision of technical support to Oxfam and its partners in the field of hygiene promotion, both in emergency & post emergency phase of intervention.
        You are a team player, flexible, have 3 year extensive experience in public health/hygiene promotion in emergencies, participatory approaches, good project management skills, and experience in mainstreaming gender. You are sensitive to the cultural, political and socio-economic contexts of Indonesia. We particularly welcome applications from women and people from diverse background.
        Only short listed candidates will be contacted.
        Vacancies Contact
        Please only submit your application and CV, quoting Emergency Public Health Promoter on the subject of your email, to yogya_hr@... no later than 18 February 2007Program Manager II - Child Survival Health Program Manager
        Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
        Location: Indonesia
        Closing date: 12 Apr 2007
        Job Description
        Length of Service: 3-5 years
        The December 26, 2004 earthquake and resulting tsunami in South and Southeast Asia was particularly devastating to the coastal areas of northern Sumatra, Indonesia. In the immediate aftermath, emergency health measures were taken by many groups to respond to the presenting health concerns. CRS, as early as February 2004 began to work with sub district health staff to begin to restore and rebuild the system. While this phase continues, CRS is implementing a five year Child Survival program in Aceh province.
        Primary Responsibilities:
        The Child Survival (CS) Health PM is responsible for the successful planning and implementation of the CRS CS program in four districts of Aceh Province. The primary responsibility is to assure that the CS program meets its stated objectives. The job also entails preparation of yearly planning and reporting documents, capacity building of local staff and partners, supervision of staff, documenting key successes and lessons learned provision of information to key stakeholders and coordination with other CRS program staff and external individuals and groups as needed.
        Specific Operational Activities
        Program Design and Management
        1. Ensure the proper management of the CS program in accordance with CRS requirements and CS standards
        2. Manage program to achieve stated results.
        3. Ensure gender is fully considered throughout the project cycle with women being enabled to influence decision- making
        4. Provides leadership to CS management and technical team in planning, organizing and controlling functions for the project and assures that all tasks are completed on a timely basis. 5. Monitors the implementation of the M&E system to assure high quality data are being collected, analyzed and used.
        6. Creates learning environment where staff use M&E and other information to analyze whether project is on track and plan corrective action as needed.
        7. Coordinate the action plans and activities of health project officers to ensure full integration and consistency in the various interventions within health and other sector programs.
        8. Establishes a reporting system based on a thorough stakeholder analysis.
        9. Reports out on financial and program components with quality documents on a timely basis. 10. Track expenses and manage the budget for all Health related activities and reports out as required to Aceh management. Work closely with CRS Aceh finance staff on budget management.
        11. Organize with the site and Medan logistics staff procurement and distribution of materials, equipment, medicine and support needed for all activities.
        12. Manage the development of all training plans and oversee their implementation from provinces down to community level and assess their impact on health partners? delivery of services in the facility and in the community. Oversee the review of all technical content in trainings and ensure they are in line with MoH policies and procedures. Coordinate all training efforts with the local government health system.
        13. Develop a follow-up training and supervision strategy to ensure that knowledge and skills learned during formal trainings are being put into practice, including the design of a comprehensive supervision checklist.
        14. Direct the development of a BCC strategy and related materials to improve behavioral indicators outlined in the DIP and routinely assess the impact strategy is having on MCH practices at the household level.
        15. Manage all assessments conducted in both communities and facilities and ensure data is used in improving program designs or developing new initiatives.
        16. Guide the improvement in the Government HIS and assist the POH and DOH with use of its data.
        Staff Support and Supervision
        1. Recruit and implement ongoing capacity development for a team of staff that will implement health activities in accordance to CS standards.
        2. Supervise the health team ensuring submission of annual work plans and performance review as well as implementation of quality field work.
        3. Provide overall technical assistance on health (IMCI, maternal health, malaria, immunizations, drug management, nutrition, health system development, BCC) and hygiene activities to field staff.
        4. Identify the performance needs of all members of the health unit and propose appropriate training programs as well as on the job mentoring. Draw on in-house training skills and expertise to upgrade the skills of the staff.
        5. With assistance of the Head of Programming, develop job descriptions and manage consultants in line with the program DIP (BCC, Health Coverage Assessment, Drug Dispensary). Ensure results are utilized within program activities.
        Information, Co-ordination and Networking
        1. Provide regular updates to the Field Office Director, the Head of Programming and the rest of the team on progress, priorities and constraints verbally and in well written reports.
        2. Coordinates with other CRS sector staff on program interventions in common geographic areas.
        3. Represent CRS to governmental and non-governmental groups as needed and agreed by the Head of Programming.
        4. Ensure all government partners are routinely involved with planning, program implementation, and evaluation.
        5. Spearhead program advocacy efforts particularly regarding health coverage and community health needs to PHO and DHO.
        6. Maintain contact with other NGOs working in the health sector in order to explore opportunities for networking and collaboration in order to enhance the impact of CRS? health interventions, particularly JHU.
        7. Document successes and lessons learned throughout CS program implementation.
        8. Routinely share lessons learned and experiences with the RTA for health and other health programs in SEAPRO region.
        Key Relationships
        Internal: CRS Aceh Director, Deputy Director for Programs, Meulaboh Head of Programs, Meulaboh Field Office Director , and Health Regional Technical Advisor,
        External: DHO, PHO, Health Center staff and communities. Host country government ministries, local bilateral institutions, funding agencies, local/international NGO offices, UNICEF, and World Food Program.
        Skills and Competencies
        1. MPH degree; Education background in community health or equivalent work experience;
        2. Mature individual with demonstrated knowledge and 5+ years of relevant work experience
        3. Understand and act in compliance with the CRS vision and mission and respect the local culture.
        4. Significant management experience in both community and facility based health programs
        5. Extensive practice in setting up and implementing monitoring and evaluation systems for large health programs.
        6. Experience in developing BCC strategies and materials as well as large training programs both in health facilities and communities.
        7. Understanding of Health Systems and their development
        8. Extensive knowledge of IMCI, Malaria, Maternal Health, Immunizations and the latest Child Survival programs.
        9. Ability to exercise sound judgment and make decisions independently.
        10. Knowledge of Indonesian MOH strategies and systems.
        11. Ability to read, analyze and interpret administrative reports, technical procedures, or governmental regulations.
        12. Ability to write excellent reports and other documents
        13. Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from managers, counterparts, Ministry of Health, Regional Director and Baltimore HQ staff.
        14. Fluency in English (both oral and written skills) and Bahasa preferred.
        15. Extremely flexible, and have the ability to cope with stressful situations and frustrations.
        16. Ability to relate to and motivate local staff effectively and continuously enhance their capacity.
        Vacancies Contact
        To apply for this position please go to our website at http://www.crs.org In your cover letter please include requisition number I 06 097, source code RWEB and salary requirements.
        Preferred method of submitting your resume is through:
        http://sh.webhire.com/public/495/Country Director
        International Medical Corps (IMC)
        International Medical Corps is a global humanitarian nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and relief and development programs.
        Location: Indonesia (Jakarta)
        Closing date: 31 Mar 2007
        Job Description
        International Medical Corps (IMC) seeks a Country Director to be based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The selected candidate will implement, monitor and report on all country programs · Design new program initiatives · Identify donors, prepare proposals, and liaise between field offices, Headquarters, and donors. · Manage and motivate highly independent, self-directed staff members · Prepare and administer program budgets and evaluate financial program effectiveness · Liaise with local and regional officials, UN and NGO agencies in promotion of planning, coordination, and support for existing IMC projects, as well as developing new programs · Oversee project logistics, finance and administrative support · Frequently travel to field sites to supervise and monitor program activities · Actively prioritize standards for monitoring and evaluation · Ensure compliance with IMC policies and procedures.
        The qualified candidate will possess knowledge of donor practices, the program proposal process, and humanitarian or development program solicitations and applications. Ability to conduct and supervise new program assessments and write cogent proposals and budgets. Familiarity with international humanitarian operations, coordination structures, and the mandates of donors, UN agencies, and other NGOs. 5+ years of field experience in humanitarian relief or multi-sectoral development programming, PLA and community based programming, micro-finance, child protection and advocacy focused on; primary health care, and public health
        Graduate degree in Public Health, Public Policy, or related field preferred.
        Fluency in English required; second language skills (i.e., working knowledge of Bahasa Indonesian) preferred
        Strong written and oral communication skills necessary
        Ability to analyze
        Proven organization and supervisory skills
        Knowledge and experience of Indonesia or Southeast Asia preferred.
        Vacancies Contact
        To officially begin the application process, please visit our website at www.imcworldwide.org and complete the online employment application form found under the tab "Join Our Team". Please reference ReliefWeb.Administrator
        Médecins du Monde
        Médecins du Monde is an international humanitarian organisation whose mission is : to provide medical care for the most vulnerable populations when they are faced with crisis or exclusion from society, the world over, including France, to stimulate voluntary commitment from doctors, other health care providers, and from those whose expertise in other fields is needed for its activities, to enlist all competent support required for the achievement of its projects, to seek at all times to encourage close working relationships with populations in its care. based on its medical practices totally independent action, Médecins du Monde : identifies potential crises and threats to health and dignity so as to help prevent them, mobilises non medical assistance for solidarity campaigns denounces and bears witness to violations of human rights, especially denial of access to health care, develops new approaches and new practices for public health internationally, based on respect for human dignity, commits itself to a relationship of total transparency with donors, campaigns for establishing humanitarian medical principles based on ethics of accountability
        Location: Indonesia (Papua - Jayapura)
        Closing date: 15 Mar 2007
        Job Description
        The objective of this program is to improve health status of people living in the sub-districts of Mulia and Sinak, Papua Island, Indonesia, in 3 years. More specifically to improve access to quality Primary Health Care (PHC) services and infectious diseases services (TB, malaria, STI & HIV / AIDS) in the coverage area of 2 purkesmas of Mulia and Sinak. (6 sub-districts).
        The administrator will work closely with the local administrator, and when necessary provide support and appropriate training, for upgrading the current financial, logistic and administrative frame in order to implement the new UE project. It is expected for the local administrative team to be autonomous at the end of the expatriate administrator mission. S/he mains 2 specific objective are to supervise and participate in the improvement of the daily management and to implement or improve sustainable and appropriate procedures. His or her field of responsibilities encompass the following topics (finance and accountancy, administration, Human resources and team management, logistics –maintenance and procurements, transport and security)
        Duration: 1 year
        Status: volunteer
        Monthly Allowance: 800 Euros + Daily subsistence
        - Previous experience with INGOs
        - Experience in budget elaboration and follow up
        - Capacity to delegate
        - Organized
        - Previous experience with donors and more specifically with EUROPEAID would be a plus
        - Fluent in English (both oral and written)
        - Good knowledge of Excel
        - Ability to learn a new language (Bahasa Indonesia is an easy language)
        - Interest, curiosity and respect for different cultural background: ability to consider intercultural approach.
        - Ability and flexibility to cope with cultural and political environment
        - Ability to work in resource limited and politically sensitive contexts
        - Willing to work and live in remote setting with limited amenities and social life.
        - Ability to live and share with an expatriate and local team and with the population
        - Good listener
        - Communication and negotiation skills
        - Patience and understanding
        Vacancies Contact
        If you are available and interested, thank you for sending a CV and a cover letter under the reference :
        - Pôle Recrutement / Parcours –
        62 rue Marcadet
        F - 75018 Paris
        Tel : 00(33) (0)1 44 92 14 72
        Email : secretariat.rhmissions@... Officer
        Medical Emergency Relief International (Merlin)
        International Health NGO
        Location: Indonesia (Banda Aceh)
        Closing date: 06 Mar 2007
        Job Description
        Position: Logistics Officer
        Responsible To: Project Coordinator, ABBA Base
        Responsible For: Fleet Manager, Procurement Officer, Storekeeper, Logistics Assistant
        Location: Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar, Indonesia
        Start Date: ASAP
        Duration: 6 months
        Salary: £11,760 – £16,800 per annum + cost of living allowance approximately £4,649 p.a. + insurance cover, accomodation, return flights
        Merlin International Profile
        Merlin is the only UK specialist agency, founded in 1993, which responds worldwide, with vital healthcare and medical relief for vulnerable people affected by natural disasters, conflict and healthcare collapse. Each year, Merlin assists more than 15 million people, in up to 20 countries, through working with local healthcare actors including government, community groups and NGOs.
        After the initial emergency response to the impact of the tsunami disaster of December 2004, Merlin / Indonesia is currently engaged, both with local authorities, as well as local NGOs and communities, in a rehabilitation programme, which includes (re)construction of 102 health facilities, outfitting these with equipment, furniture and supplies, watsan activities, training of health staff, health and hygiene awareness raising programmes and other appropriate activities. These activities take place in four locations in Aceh province, namely Banda Aceh town, and the sub-districts of Aceh Besar, Calang and Bireuen.
        Merlin / Indonesia is also supporting a local NGO with follow-up activities to the earthquake disaster reponse near Yogyakarta, Java.
        A relief response to the recent floods disaster in Aceh province is presently in preparation.
        Merlin Indonesia is presently in the initial stages of implementation of its Plan 2007, to be embedded in the Country Strategy Plan for the medium to longer term, which is being drafted. New activities are foreseen to be initiated on Nias Island, and an assessment for possible support on Papua is planned for early 2007.
        Overall Responsibilities
        Co-ordination of all logistical functions of the project office base consistent with Merlin protocols and procedures, to ensure site objectives are achieved in collaboration with the project team and the wider programme.
        Key Responsibilities
        - Managing the Logistics project team
        - Managing and tracking Merlin procurement orders for the project and liaising with Logistics Coordinator
        - Supervision of all Merlin warehousing and stock control in the Project program
        - Asset management of the project
        - Management of communications systems within the project
        - Implementing logistic standards and benchmarks and ensuring their use and homogeneity of systems across the project.
        - Management of purchasing and maintaining a rational supplier base and make sure that the procurement reflects the Merlin policy on the purchase of specific items within the project.
        - Coordinating with a medical team to ensure correct medical supplies distribution.
        - Assist in developing proposals, check the prices used in the proposals and make sure that the technical report is properly drawn up, assist in writing spending plans.
        - Assist Project Coordinator in developing and maintaining adequate security systems and procedures.
        - Fleet management, including fuel, parts consumption and service schedulinAdmin and Finance
        - Participation in project planning and the preparation of donor proposals and reports in collaboration with the Project team
        - Prepare timely forecasting information for the project office.
        - Responsible for site communications. This includes: emails; co-ordinating all communications through project to capital site
        - Produce stock, fleet and asset reports to Project Coordinator/ Logistics Coordinator
        - Occasional help in administrative matters when required
        Human Resources
        - Manage the project logistics national staff team including recruitment, team building, and conducting appraisals.
        - Assess the continuing training needs of the project logistics national staff and ensure training needs are appropriately met and within budget
        - Participation in the on-going monitoring of the security situation. Implementation of security measures according to Merlin security guidelines and monitoring of same.
        - Facilitating the evacuation of field based teams if necessary.
        Person Specification
        - Experience of logistics in humanitarian aid programs in unstable security environments
        - Level headed and able to manage stress
        - Able to work as part of a large established team with excellent communication skills
        - Able to live as part of a team
        - Team Builder
        - Ability to work in a multi-cultural setting
        - Flexibility, adaptability, willing to travel at least 25% of the time
        - Previous experience within the country or region
        - Previous experience within a humanitarian aid organisation in an insecure environment
        - Experience of project administration/management, and the ability to work independently
        - Problem solving ability with equipment ranging from PC’s to vehicles and radios
        - Previous responsibility for managing security
        - Ability to chair meetings and provide succinct reports of meetings would be beneficial
        - Technical background
        Data Protection
        Please note, on submitting your application, you are agreeing to Merlin holding and using the information that you have given for the purposes of recruitment and employment – should an offer be made.
        In order to process your job application, it may be necessary for your application to be sent to the Country Manager (in the country you are applying for) for consideration. If you do not agree with this, please can you state so when applying.
        Vacancies Contact
        To apply for this post
        If you would like to apply for this post, please go to our website http://www.merlin.org.uk, download our application form and send it completed to applications@..., quoting the job title and country in the subject line of your emailLead Consultant (International L5) for "Mapping and Analysis of Good Practices in Basic Education, Capacity Assessment, and Production of Advocacy Materials"
        United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
        Location: Indonesia (Jakarta)
        Closing date: 20 Feb 2007
        Job Description
        The consultant, in short, will have the responsibility for the planning, implementation, and finalization of the (1) mapping and analysis of good practices and local capacities (2) advocacy and social mobilization, (3) capacity assessment (4) initial phase of capacity building.
        General Tasks:
        Guide, facilitate, and oversee the team of local consultants and field researchers in conceptualizing, developing/conducting or finalizing (1) mapping and analysis of good practices and local capacities (2) preparation for advocacy and social mobilization campaign (3) capacity assessment in targeted distrricts (4) Initial phase of capacity building.
        Expected Results:
        (1) Finalization of mapping and analysis of good practices and local capacities.
        (a) Produce final report on good basic education practices including recommendations on good practices for further implementation and mainstreaming.
        (b) Share, discuss, and reach conclusions on good practices and local capacities in the sample districts.
        (c) Coordinate, facilitate, and oversee the organization and implementation of a series of workshops for key stakeholders at the district, provincial, and central levels, to discuss findings and recommendations from the mapping services.
        (2) Guide advocacy and social mobilization materials development and implementation.
        (a) Coordinate, facilitate, and oversee the development of materials (packages) and implemenation of advocacy activities and social mobilization materials (packages) and facilitate planning for implementation with a focus on decision makers in local government and executives in target provinces and districts.
        (c) Recommend how to implement Social mobilization campaigns in the target districts.
        (3) Capacity assessment in targeted districts
        (a) Guide development of research design and tools for capacity assessment.
        (b) Develop training scheme for training of research assistants.
        (c) Direct capacity assessment mapping process including analysis of local capacities and important capacity gaps.
        (d) Ensure that the necessary data and information on local capacities is obtained, and analyzed and presented.
        (e) Determine the key activities for the establishment of the minimum capacities required to implement, sustain and mainstream the identified good basic education practices.
        (f) Produce a final report including an executive summary of key findings and recommendations.
        (4) Initial phase of capacity building
        (a) Outline training design and facilities introductory training of local stakeholders (education managers and practitioners) in preparation of the implementation of good practices.
        (b) Facilitate repackaging of core components and good practices materials for dissemination to key stakeholders.
        (c) Identify the necessary praparatory activities to create the enabling condition for implementation of selected good practices.
        (d) Design strategies for implemenation of good practices in districts, sub-districts, school clusters, and schools.
        (e) Facilitate training of master trainers of key education managers and implementers on the basic principles and strategies for implementation of good practices.
        Minimum Qualifications:
        (1) Advanced university degree of a Master's degree in the field of basic education, with specialization or experience in education strategic planning and systems development; capacity building/training; or basic education research.
        (2) Minimum 12 years demonstrated professional work experience at international level in research, strategic program planning, management, monitoring, and evaluation in education.
        (3) Broad knowledge and good understanding of good/best practices in basic education and of capacity building within a decentralization context.
        (4) Proven ability to conceptualize, develop, plan and manage education research as well as transfer knowledge and skills.
        (5) Strong leadership, managerial, and supervisory skills.
        (6) Excellent verbal and written English skills.
        (7) Excellent communication and liaison skills.
        (8) Strong analytical, negotiating, and training skills.
        (9) Mastery of basic computer skills in reporting and presentations.
        (10) Solid working experience in Indonesia, particularly with the Ministry of National Education or other related Government of Indonesia ministries or institutions is preferable.
        (11) Good command of Bahasa Indonesia verbally and in writing will be an asset.
        Duration of Assignment: 6 (six) months, with an initial 3-month probationary period.
        Supervision: The lead consultant will be responsible to and supervised by UNICEF Education Unit Chief.
        Remuneration: L-5 level
        Travel Expenses: the consultant is based in Jakarta. The local travel costs and Daily Subsistence Allowance for authorized travels will be covered as per standard UNICEF procedures.
        Terms of Payment: the monthly fee or salary of the Lead consultant will be paid at the end of the one month-period of service upon submission of satisfactory monthly progress report. Authorized travel expenses will be reimbursed upon submission of the travel reports and the necessary receipts and other related documentation.
        Penalty clause: usual UNICEF rules and regulations apply.
        Vacancies Contact
        HR Officer
        UNICEF Indonesia
        Wisma Metropolitan II, 11th Floor
        Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 31
        Jakarta 12920Reporting and Public Information Intern (1235)
        Cooperative Housing Foundation International
        Location: Indonesia (Banda Aceh)
        Closing date: 25 Mar 2007
        Job Description
        Position Overview: The Reporting and Public Information Intern will be responsible for assuring proper reporting is implemented by individual field offices and for the production of monthly public information reports to be produced for internal CHF purposes as well as potential external publications.
        Duties will include:
        Production of monthly statistical analysis reports, charts and graphs to compliment CD monthly reports
        Gather relevant field materials and data for analysis
        Production of (at least) monthly program information pieces (success stories) for internal, donor or external consumption; potential newsletter development
        Maintenance of total pictures file of all program elements in all locations * Follow through on PRS upkeep
        Work with senior management staff in the development of new systems where necessary
        Maintain the necessary flow of information with all CHF offices
        Required Skills:
        High level fluency in English language;
        Knowledge of international development and/or relief issues;
        Ability to work to deadlines on long hours and under significant professional and environmental pressure;
        Ability to work independently; computer competency with spreadsheets, databases and word processing/internet;
        Knowledge of web design and/or capability to manage web designing processes; strong interpersonal skills
        Vacancies Contact
        Apply online at our website: http://hostedjobs.openhire.com/epostings/jobs/submit.cfm?fuseaction=dspjob&jobid=166984&company_id=15631&jobboardid=479Chief of Party - Post-Tsunami Legal Assistance Initiative for Indonesia
        International Development Law Organization
        Location: Indonesia (Banda Aceh)
        Closing date: 28 Feb 2007
        Job Description
        International Development Law Organization
        Position: Chief of Party, Post-Tsunami Legal Assistance Initiative for Indonesia
        Workplace: Banda Aceh, with travel to other tsunami-affected districts in the Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD), Indonesia
        Start Date: ASAP
        Salary: Commensurate with qualifications and experience
        Reporting: Manager – IDLO Post-Tsunami Legal Assistance Initiative
        The devastation caused by the tsunami of 26 December 2004 has created significant new legal issues for the survivors in coastal areas of Aceh province, Indonesia. Aceh was an already troubled area, which for over 30 years had been affected by separatist conflict between the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and the Indonesian military forces. When the tsunami struck, the province was under civil emergency status, the government was conducting large-scale military operations and foreign presence was effectively banned. Aceh’s legal system differed from the national system as a result of the special autonomy status granted to the province, with General Courts, Shari’a Courts and customary law (adat) institutions operating in the province. All courts faced a shortage of manpower, in part caused by the conflict. In the aftermath of the tsunami, several priority areas for legal assistance were identified by the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) including land law and family law (including inheritance, guardianship and personal identity documentation).
        In February 2006, the IDLO Project Office in Banda Aceh was opened. Since this date, IDLO has commenced work in relation to 6 projects under the Post-Tsunami Legal Assistance Initiative for Indonesia:
        - The Legal Research and Documentation Exercise;
        - Gender Advocacy Project through Legal Representation, Counselling and Support for Women in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam;
        - Community Awareness of Women’s Legal Rights through Film;
        - Raising Community Legal Awareness Through Print Media;
        - Community Mediation and Legal Skills Training;
        - Court Libraries Rehabilitation Project.
        IDLO’s Post-Tsunami Legal Assistance Initiative for Indonesia is a flexible, rolling program of 2-3 years duration and responds directly to the needs of tsunami-affected persons and communities and local Acehnese counterpart organizations. The IDLO program in Aceh is targeted at the priority legal areas for intervention (noted above) and has a particular focus on the rights of women and vulnerable persons. In implementation of the activities, IDLO is partnering with Courts and decision-making institutions (such as adat institutions) and non-government organisations and community-based organisations.
        Position Responsibilities:
        The Chief of Party will be responsible for the Post-Tsunami Legal Assistance Initiative for Indonesia, the IDLO Project Office in Banda Aceh, and the IDLO In-Country Team, under the direct supervision of the Manager – IDLO Post-Tsunami Legal Assistance Initiative based at IDLO’s Asia-Pacific Training Centre in Sydney, Australia. The responsibilities include:
        1. Overseeing the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and reporting (both substantive and financial) of activities under the IDLO Post-Tsunami Legal Assistance Initiative for Indonesia, including in accordance with IDLO guidelines and procedures;
        2. Managing relationships with Indonesian government counterparts including the Aceh Reconstruction Agency (BRR);
        3. Interacting with donors contributing to the IDLO Tsunami Legal Trust Fund in the field and in capitals as requested;
        4. Investigating and interacting with other potential donors who may wish to contribute either to the IDLO Trust Fund or to co-finance individual activities;
        5. Identifying and designing new activities within the IDLO Post-Tsunami Legal Assistance Initiative for Indonesia;
        6. Overseeing the delivery of periodic reports to IDLO on field activities and financial matters;
        7. Coordinating the delivery of information on IDLO Post-Tsunami Legal Assistance Initiative for Indonesia, including to the media and through IDLO’s website;
        8. Supervising IDLO In-Country Team in the IDLO Project Office in Banda Aceh; and
        9. Overseeing finance, security and administration within the Project Office.
        Selection Criteria:
        1. Advanced legal qualification;
        2. Extensive experience in design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation as well as reporting of development projects, particularly in relation to legal empowerment and capacity building of legal institutions;
        3. Excellent management skills with extensive management experience;
        4. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills;
        5. Ability to liaise and coordinate with local counterparts, Courts and government institutions in relation to Post-Tsunami Legal Assistance Initiative for Indonesia;
        6. Familiarity with Indonesian law and the Indonesian legal system;
        7. Familiarity with Islamic law and legal systems;
        8. Fluent written and spoken English language skills (Indonesian language skills an advantage).
        Vacancies Contact
        eharper@... Manager
        British Red Cross
        Emergency Relief and Recovery
        Location: Indonesia
        Closing date: 15 Feb 2007
        Job Description
        Position title: Finance Manager
        Reporting to: Support Services Manager
        Responsible for: Approximately 10 staff
        Based in: Aceh Province with some travel to Jakarta, Indonesia
        Contract length: 6 months (extendable)
        Background to Programme
        The British Red Cross Society (BRCS) is implementing a programme in conjunction with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) to assist the survivors of the December 2004 earthquake and tsunami. The programme intends to distribute cash grants to 10, 000 families, to build homes for up to 2,200 families, to assist in the rebuilding of communities and to enable these communities to implement disaster risk reduction activities. The programme began in May 2005 and will be completed by June 2008. The total budget is $80 m.
        Purpose of position
        The Finance Manager is responsible, under the overall control of the Support Services Manager and supported by UK Office International Finance, for the management of funds, budgets administration, and insurance of the programme and for supporting the programme in contractual matters and contributing to the overall achievement of programme goals. The Finance Manager will be expected to build the capacity of the Indonesian staff in financial and administrative controls.
        Specific duties and responsibilities
        1. Manage the funds and financial assets of the BRCS project office, under the overall direction of the Support Services Manager. This will include cash flow and cost control management as well as the management of the payments, cashier, bank signatory and payroll functions.
        2. Coordinate the revision and management of the programme budget and financial plan, under the direction of the Support Services Manager and in close coordination with the Programme Manager
        3. Implement and improve the financial management procedures of the programme, ensuring they are aligned and compliant with UK Office procedures and ensure compliance where required with International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies procedures, and generally accepted accounting practice in an international NGO context.
        4. Ensure effective and efficient financial management of the programme, preparing for external audit and financial reporting to UK Office
        5. Supervising national finance staff, training and developing staff, appraisals, and recruitment of new staff.
        6. Supervise the Project Accountant and ensure that an effective management reporting system is operating.
        7. Ensure appropriate insurance for staff and property and associated programme goods and activities in liaison with BRCS UK Office
        8. Advise the programme staff on financial matters and establish policies and procedures for the programme.
        9. Manage the planning, implementation and monitoring of the project from a financial perspective.
        10. Assist the programme in drafting; negotiating and controlling the issuing of contracts on behalf of the programme and together with the Logistics Delegate maintain a register of contracts.
        11. Maintain accurate registers of the assets and property of the project ensuring its efficient usage, with regular physical verification of the assets.
        12. Manage the flow of funds held in Indonesia, ensuring the monthly cash requests and forecasts are submitted to UK Office funds are available when required by the programme.
        13. Compile monthly financial and narrative reports for UK Office and for external donors (especially DEC) as required. Ensure all staff submits regular, timely and accurate financial and narrative reports as necessary.
        14. Monitor the budget of the project and ensure accurate accounting, authorisation & internal control procedures and through the Project Accountant discuss the monthly budget reports with budget holders and investigate and address significant variances.
        15. Support and represent the Support Services Manager as required, and keep him/her informed of relevant developments.
        16. Work closely with the PMI and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies as applicable.
        17. Liaise with international, government and non-government agencies in the assigned area, as necessary
        Duties applicable to all
        1. To work towards the achievement of overall programme goals through effective managerial and lateral relations and team work.
        2. To understand roles, responsibilities and activities across the programme establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with other staff, volunteers and with the technical and service departments at regional and BRCS UK Office level.
        3. To develop and maintain good working relationships with communities served by the programme, throughout the Movement, other agencies, BRR and GOI and local representatives, ensuring that they are kept informed of programme goals, progress and results.
        4. To ensure that programme activities are consistent with the Red Cross Code of Conduct and BRCS policies and to uphold the Fundamental Principles of the RC/RC Movement.
        5. To develop and maintain, in conjunction with the M&E unit, an effective monitoring and evaluation system.
        6. To promote and facilitate the capacity building and development of staff and volunteers.
        7. To ensure that knowledge transfer within the programme, PMI and the BRCS is achieved, by documenting as appropriate for the current programme and for future use.
        8. To perform other work related duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Programme Manager.
        Essential Requirements
        In good mental and physical health
        Qualified accountant (ACA, CIMA or equivalent)
        Experience in planning, budgeting and writing financial reports
        Experience in audit, cost control and financial decision making
        Experience of managing, training and supporting staff and handing over responsibilities
        Experience in donor reporting
        Experience in recovery programmes
        Experience of working with a Red Cross National Society
        Exposure to humanitarian work in South East Asia
        Self-supporting in computers (Windows, spreadsheets, etc.)
        Languages – English – proficient oral and written
        Ability to coordinate within a diverse team whilst working independently
        Preferred Requirements
        Red Cross Basic Training Course
        Experience of accounting procedures and systems
        Experience in insurance and contracting
        Previous overseas Red Cross experience
        Experience of working for a humanitarian aid agency in a developing country
        Valid international or national driving license (manual gears)
        Languages – Bahasa Indonesia
        Core competencies
        Commitment to the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement
        Integrity and high standards of personal conduct
        Sensitivity to diversity
        Flexibility and adaptability
        Initiative and directive
        Interpersonal skills
        Important Information
        Please note, that first interview for this role will take place in the week commencing 19th Feb 2007.
        If successful you will be required to attend a selection day in London on 7th March 2007.
        If recruited following this interview, you will be required to remain in London for an Induction to the Red Cross on the following day.
        Please ensure that you are available on these dates when applying and if not, please make this clear in your application.
        This job description and person specification may be subject to change as a result of operational requirements.
        Vacancies Contact
        Apply at http://www.redcross.org.uk/vacancies
        Select "International Delegates" in the interest area drop down menu
        Reference Code: RW_6Y2KTY-51Public Health Consultant
        International Rescue Committee (IRC)
        Founded in 1933, the International Rescue Committee is a leading non-sectarian non-profit organization providing emergency relief, protection, rehabilitation assistance, resettlement services and advocacy for refugees and victims of oppression or violent conflict.
        Location: Indonesia
        Closing date: 18 Feb 2007
        Job Description
        Founded in 2001, CARDI (the Consortium for Assistance and Recovery towards Development in Indonesia) is a coalition of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), the Dutch refugee foundation (SV) and the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). CARDI’s clients are Indonesians affected by poverty, conflict and natural disaster in the provinces of Aceh, Yogyakarta, Central Java, Central Sulawesi, Maluku and North Maluku. By investing in Economic Development, Health and Children and Youth Initiatives, CARDI’s support provides resources that enable Indonesians to articulate their needs, advocate for change and affect improvements in their lives through social and economic entrepreneurship. CARDI also equips its clients with the ability to recover from disasters and conflicts, and prevent the reoccurrence of future conflicts, through Disaster Response and Mitigation programming. Four strategic, cross-cutting approaches—Advocacy, Rights, Good Governance and Gender—are evident in all CARDI programs, and ensure that change is both durable and sustainable. While still addressing basic needs for displaced populations and returnees, CARDI increasingly provides transitional, post-conflict recovery and development programs.
        Within this context, CARDI is seeking to expand its programming into Papua and is currently planning for a short-term assessment mission. A team will spend few weeks conducting a field research in Papua, Indonesia. Within the Indonesian archipelago, Papua has special autonomous status and ranks as the lowest province in the Indonesian Human Development Index (2004). With its vast land rich in natural resources and its cultural and ecological diversity, Papua presents unique challenges and opportunities for human development.
        The assessment team will be lead by the Papua Programme Development Coordinator and composed of a selected group of experts to cover the different pre-identified sectors of interest existing within Papua and based upon CARDI’s experience and pre-assessment research. The team will document the findings and collect and present the assessment’s results to CARDI’s Country Director and Programme Department under the supervision of the Programme Development Coordinator. Deliverables will include a final assessment report and related concept papers.
        The Public Health consultant will be part of the assessment team and will:
        Identify a diverse range of key reference material, resources, approaches and strategies used within the programming area and focusing on Nutrition, communicable and sanitation-related illnesses and in particular HIV/AIDS and TB, Mother and Child Health, management of health services (PHCCs/ mobile units) and health promotion and education;
        Identify methodologies and implement field research for the effective and efficient investigation of Public Health in the development setting of Papua and according to the priorities identified through the pre-assessment research paper;
        Meet with all the relevant actors in agreement with the Programme Development Coordinator and gather pertinent information as per assessment needs;
        Document the assessment visits and meeting minutes;
        Develop, analyse and present findings based on the results of the field research;
        Develop notes and data to be included in the final reports of the assessment mission;
        Identify and develop concept papers based on the findings of the assessment as requested by and in collaboration with the Programme Development Coordinator and the CARDI Programme Department.
        Masters degree in Public Health, Health services administration/management or related public health field, MD preferred
        Minimum five years experience working in post conflict and/or development environment
        Assessment, project design and project implementation experience preferred
        Excellent inter-personal skills
        Ability to work independently with tight deadlines
        Strong cultu

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          Monggo beasiwa en alll anybody ?
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          Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 18:16:49 -0800 (PST)
          Subject: [daily_crcs] job in Jogja
              Good Job and Good Salary at Good NGO (Vacancies) Posted by: "christnev" christnev@yahoo. com christnev Wed Feb 14, 2007 11:49 pm (PST) IMMEDIATELY REQUIRED
          Oxfam GB is an international NGO working in over 70 countries to address poverty and suffering through supporting development, humanitarian and advocacy interventions.
          Oxfam GB in Indonesia is seeking experienced and highly motivated individual to fill position in our Programme Services Unit as listed below. You will have strong bi-lingual (Indonesian- English) communication skills, computer literacy, an ability to learn and work both independently and as part of a team, and readiness to make use of skills building opportunities.
          Administration Officer (AO) Post is offered on an open-ended contract based in Jakarta
          Responsible to manage administration team in country level in order to provide administrative tasks and secretarial support within the Oxfam Indonesia programme, enabling those supported, to be more effective.
          Key Competencies
          Education to a degree level in relevant field.
          Minimum 3 years proven experience of managing office administration.
          Good interpersonal skills and ability to work as member of a multi cultural team.
          Good verbal and written communication both in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
          Have strong numerical and communication skills.
          Have knowledge of NGO’ work and experience in training are an advantage.
          Sensitivity to gender and diversity issues in work practices
          Please submit your CV and covering letter to Oxfam GB.
          email : Jakarta@oxfam. org.uk
          Closing date for applications : 21 February 2007
          Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.
          More information on Oxfam can be found in our website : www.oxfamgb. org/eastasia
          Oxfam GB is striving to be an equal opportunities employer
          ============ ========= ========= ========= ========= ========= =
          GTZ (German Technical Cooperation Ltd.) is an international
          cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide
          GTZ has been working in Indonesia since 1975 on behalf of the German
          Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).
          GTZ's 'Regional Economic Development' project (red) creates an
          enabling and efficient system for powerful, sustainable SME
          development in the region of Central Java.
          We are currently recruiting one IT Expert for the GTZ Jogjakarta
          office with currently consists of up to 25 people.
          The successful candidate will be responsible for the maintenance of
          information technology and trouble shooting for all kind of IT
          She/he is familiar with SuSE Linux and able to administer a Linux
          server as well as to install and manage a local aread network (LAN).
          The ideal candidates have a S1 degree and at least 5 years of relevant
          professional experience.
          Previous assignments in international organizations are an asset, good
          working knowledge of English is preferable.
          Period of assignment: 10 months
          Duty station: Jogjakarta
          Interested candidates are kindly asked to submit their letters of
          application and comprehensive CVs to jogja@.... id by February 16,
          Ruko Casa Grande no. 18
          Jl. Ringroad Utara
          Yogyakarta 55282
          Ph. (0274) 871217
          Fax (0274) 871019
          e-mail nita@.... id
          http://www.utankayu .org/in/index. cfm?action= detail&cat=event&id=88
          Teater Utan Kayu
          17 Februari 2007 - 18 Februari 2007
          Pukul 20.00 WIB
          Pergelaran Tari 4K4R: BACA, RATOK, ASMARA, CANDU
          Penari: Indra Zubir, Maria Bernadeth, Hanny Herlina, Anjasmara, dll.
          Karya berjudul 4K4R (4 Koreografi di 4 Ruang) adalah karya terbaru koreografer dan penari Indra Zubir yang mencoba melakukan eksplorasi atas empat ruang berbeda di kompleks Komunitas Utan Kayu. Bagian pertama (“Baca”), bertempat di Toko Buku Kalam, merupakan komposisi gerak yang mengacu pada laku membaca hal-ihwal yang tersurat maupun tersirat di dunia. Bagian ini terutama mengedepankan elemen tari klasik sambil memadukannya dengan sejumlah teknik modern dengan segenap simetri dan asimetrinya. Bagian kedua (“Ratok”), bertempat di lapangan parkir, lebih banyak menggunakan unsur silat tari Minangkabau yang diolah kembali dalam upaya menghayati energi alam. Sedangkan bagian ketiga (“Asmara”), bertempat di Kedai Tempo, lebih banyak menggunakan elemen tari modern, meski dipadu dengan seni petatah-petitih Minangkabau dan musik rebab. Bagian keempat (“Candu”), bertempat di Teater Utan Kayu, merupakan paduan atas seluruh unsur koreografi yang telah ditampilkan pada bagian-bagian sebelumnya. Pertunjukan ini didukung antara lain oleh Teguh Ostenrik (pengarah artistik), Fahmi Alatas dan Syahrial (musik), serta aktor Anjasmara sebagai salah satu penari.

          Mohamad Guntur Romli
          Jl. Utan Kayu No. 68H Jakarta
          Telp: (021) 8573388 Fax: (021) 851 6868

          Dengan hormat,
          Dalam rangka presentasi beasiswa IIEF bersama ini kami mohon bantuan Saudara
          untuk menyebarkan luaskan informasi kepada mahasiswa yang ada di lingkungan
          Program Studi Saudara untuk hadir dan mendengarkan penjelasan mengenai
          IIEF* yang akan diadakan pada :
          *Hari : Senin*
          *Tanggal : 19 Februari 2007*
          *Pukul : 13.00- selesai*
          *Tempat : R. Seminar Sekolah Pascasarjana UGM*
          * (Lantai V, Gedung Lengkung)*
          * Acara : Presentasi dari Tim Beasiswa
          * *
          * *Atas perhatiannya, kami ucapkan terima kasih.
          Wakil Direktur Bidang Akademik
          Sekolah Pascasarjana UGM

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