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BEasiswa JAL Foundation 2007

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  • Retno Widyastuti
    ~2007 JAL Scholarship Program is recruiting University students~ We are inviting those university students from Asia and Oceania who want to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2007
      ~2007 JAL Scholarship Program is recruiting University students~

      We are inviting those university students from Asia and Oceania who want to make a contribution to society ,care about the environmental issues and have an interest in Japan, to come to Japan

      Main Theme: Challenges for the Future
      Humanity faces unprecedented challenges of towering magnitude both globally and regionally in every imaginable field. We are threatened by environmental upheavals such as global warming and natural disasters of massive proportions. Growing religious and cultural conflict, the emergence of unknown deadly diseases, the spread of weapons of mass destruction as well as the depletion of natural and human resources endanger our existence. In the past, humanity overcame such problems through cooperation, innovation, and adaptation. Our theme this year is to continue this tradition of co-existence.
      The 2007 JAL Scholarship Program will look into what is in store for the world and spark discussions among the scholars, while exploring ways to get each participant to work to meet these challenges. The program will include seminars by distinguished speakers, pioneers in various fields, forums and discussion sessions, field activities in Tokyo and rural Japan, and homestays with Japanese host families. Throughout the program, scholars will have the opportunity to get to know the Japanese people and their culture, which is another important objective of this established program.
      Introduction to the 2007 Program
      Period: 4th -25th July, 2007 (22 days)
      - Lectures for Globally Minded Citizens
      Students will gain necessary knowledge in the areas of Japanese understanding, mutual understanding and "Globally Minded Citizens."

      - Field Trip
      Schoalrs will go out on location and study a topic related to the theme.
      - Student Sessions
      Group discussions are held with Japanese students on the program's theme.
      - Asia Forum in Ishikawa
      The forum will serve as a stage for opinion leaders to give speeched and presentations, and a public symposium. The students will also have Japanese cultural experiences.
      - Homestay
      Scholars will experience Japanese life first-hand through homestays in the Kanazawa and Tokyo regions.
      How to apply
      All interested students with appropriate qualifications are invited to submit an application for the JAL Scholarship Program with an essay in English, of 800 words or less, on an issue that engages them and wich has implecations for the future for either their locality or the global community.
      The essay should include an overview of the issue - including the cause, what effects it will have on humanity and society in the future, and possible solutions or resolutions.
      Submissions should be handed to your nearest JAL branch office (Japan Asia Airways in Taiwan).
      The JAL Foundation reserves the right to use the submitted essays for various purposes.
      After pre-judgement, applicants will be interviewed by the branch committee.
      ★For more details, please contact your nearest JAL branch office.
      (Please ensure that you include with your enquiry your name, school name, and contact details.)
      The office
      Wisma Kyoei Prince Building
      2nd Floor
      Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 3-4
      Jakarta Pusat 10220
      Tel: 021-572-3235
      Fax: 021-572-3236
      *Contact by tel or in person

      Sincerely Yours,
      Retno Widyastuti
      Int'l Relations GMU
      Jogjakarta, Indonesia

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