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Re: [YES Campaign] Entrepreneurship Opportunity for Youth

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  • Luthfi WE
    Alloo smuaaa!!! Leontien Peeters wrote:Opportunity for Youth Organizations To Participate in Entrepreneurship Program The Dutch
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2003
      Alloo smuaaa!!!

      Leontien Peeters <leontienpeeters@...> wrote:
      Opportunity for Youth Organizations To Participate in Entrepreneurship

      The Dutch National Youth Council (www.jeugdraad.nl) is seeking interest
      from countries with an historic, or other clear link to the Netherlands for
      a youth entrepreneurship and mentoring program in 2004. Youth Employment
      Spark (YES*) is a new program funded by the National Commission for
      International Cooperation and Sustainable Development (NCDO) in Holland.
      Initially, four youth organizations will be invited to Amsterdam, Holland
      in January, 2004 to design a two-year program. Travel and accommodation
      costs will be paid for by the Dutch National Youth Council.

      The Spark initiative, led by Ms. Leontien Peeters, arose after Ms. Peeters
      participated in a YES Campaign training workshop in New York in early 2002.
      "I participated with my friend and fellow youth representative to the
      United Nations General Assembly Lydia El Afi in a YES workshop in early
      2002. As a result, we wanted to start a youth employment network in the
      Netherlands but we found it really difficult as youth unemployment was not
      yet on the political or civil society agenda. This has now changed because
      of the economic recession. So then we thought we should start a project
      that focuses attention in the Netherlands on the problem in a positive way
      by showing youth can be leaders and initiators", Ms. Peeters said this

      "We're calling for youth organizations to contact us as we are still
      looking for possible partners for this program. We're bringing four youth
      organizations from four different countries to Holland in January 2004 to
      develop a collective strategy for a two-year mentoring and micro-finance
      program. It's a start-up conference for the Spark project. Our partners
      abroad will help us select candidates with attractive business plans,
      supervise the selected young entrepreneurs on a day to day basis, and find
      a mentor for them from the business community."

      Youth organizations wishing to participate should contact the Spark office
      at the Dutch National Youth Council for details. Youth organizations from
      all countries are encouraged to contact Spark, particularly countries with
      an historic, or other clear link to the Netherlands, according to Ms.
      Peeters. "We're in the feasibility part of the Spark project, so we have a
      lot of work to do to set it up and welcome anyone who would like to
      participate or contribute in any way", she said.

      Leontien Peeters
      Project Officer Youth Employment Spark
      Dutch National Youth Council
      Maliebaan 127, NL-3581 CK Utrecht
      t: +31 30 2303581/83 f: +31 30 2303585 m: 06 - 47326209
      leontienpeeters@... & www.jeugdraad.nl

                          Faculty Of Law

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