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Beasiswa Lokakarya di China

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    Kategori: Beasiswa lokakarya di China LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME Background The UNEP-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development (IESD) was jointly
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      Kategori: Beasiswa lokakarya di China


      The UNEP-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development
      (IESD) was jointly established by UNEP and Tongji University in May

      A Brainstorming Meeting of IESD was held in Beijing, September 2003.
      The meeting came to an agreement on the establishment of an Asia-
      Pacific Regional University Consortium (RUC) to promote sustainable
      development education. A Leadership Programme on sustainable
      development was designed as a collaborative effort of the RUC as a
      means to provide training for emerging leaders from various
      backgrounds. IESD plans to hold one leadership programme in each year
      during 2004-2010.

      Beasiswa Indonesia Scholarship diploma sekolah S1 S2 S3 Post-doctoral
      dalam negeri dan luar negeri.

      The first Leadership Programme was successfully convened in Shanghai
      during 25-31 July 2004. 35 emerging leaders from 25 countries from
      the Asia and Pacific region participated in the programme.

      During Sept 4th-10th 2005, the second Asia-Pacific Leadership
      Programme was held in IESD of Tongji University successfully. 25
      participants from related international organizations and
      multinationals of 15 countries in Asia-Pacific region with 2 from
      international organizations attended this programme.

      The Leadership Programme will be offered by professors of Tongji
      University and other RUC universities, and by well-known scholars and
      leaders from the Asia-Pacific region as well as UNEP officials. It
      will target to mid to senior level officials from government, non-
      government organizations and private sectors. The Programme lasts for
      7 days, focusing on the three pillars: economy, society and
      environment. It will include field trip/case study, interactive
      exercise and participant presentations.

      Participant Support
      At present, limited financial resources might be made available to
      support candidates from developing countries, which include the
      support for air-travel to and from Shanghai, living and accommodation
      expenses, as well as expenses associated with training materials and
      field visits.

      To provide the participants an opportunity in broadening their
      knowledge on the 3 dimensions:

      human dimension: mind, body, soul;
      environment dimension: air, water, land;
      sustainable development dimension: social, environment, economy.

      To establish a leadership network in the Asia-Pacific region on
      sustainable development.

      Day 1: Conceptual Framework
      The organizers of the Leadership Programme will present the
      conceptual framework for the courses. This will be followed by the
      presentations of participants themselves and/or the organization.

      Day 2-3: Field Visits
      The places for field visits will be combined with the content of the
      lecturing which will be given in the follow up days. The field visits
      will be arranged, integrating the three dimensions of human,
      environment and sustainable development. Participants will be offered
      an opportunity to learn the way of sustainable development by case
      study in China.

      Day 4: Human Dimension
      Three sessions focusing on mind, body and soul in relation to
      environment and sustainable development will be presented after the
      field visits. Demonstration of interactive exercises on mind, body
      and soul will be offered.

      Day 5: Environment Dimension
      Detailed presentations on environmental protection such as air
      quality, water resources management, and land degradation.
      Demonstration of interactive exercises on air, water and land will be

      Day 6: Sustainable Development Dimensions
      The integration of the three pillars of sustainable development will
      be carried out in Day 6. Individual sessions on social, economic and
      environmental aspects will be presented. Participants will go through
      an integrated interactive exercise linking the three pillars as the
      final session.

      Day 7: Summary and Synthesis
      The organizers and the participants will present together a summary
      for the workshop to synthesize the relevant outcomes and
      recommendations. An evaluation of the workshop will also be
      undertaken. Eminent personalities from China or the region will be
      invited to distribute course certificates, as well as to make a
      valedictory address to the participants.

      Contact Information

      Mr. Mahesh Pradhan
      Regional Environmental Affairs Officer
      UNEP, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
      Bangkok 10200, Thailand
      Tel: 662 288 1801 Fax: 662 280 3829
      Email: leadership2005@...

      UNEP-Tongji IESD

      Ms. Li Dong
      Program Manager, UNEP-Tongji IESD
      1239 Siping Road, Shanghai, China 200092
      Tel/Fax: +86-21-65985059
      Email: csper7@...

      Prof. Dahe Jiang
      Office Director
      College of Environmental Science and Engineering
      Tongji University
      1239 Siping Road, Shanghai, China 200092
      Tel/fax +86-21-65985059
      Email: jiangdh@...

      The application information will be updated during June-July each
      year for the coming leadership programme in that year. Please visit:
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