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PPAN DIY 2006. Due date April 12, 2006

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  • Iman Persada
    Welcome to the selection year 2006 of International Youth Exchange Program. The new chance is reborn! Why reborn? For those who are familiar with this program,
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 5, 2006
      Welcome to the selection year 2006 of
      International Youth Exchange Program. The new
      chance is reborn!

      Why reborn? For those who are familiar with this
      program, reborn denotes a new opportunity to
      experience "once in a lifetime" program. As for the
      first timers, reborn offers you a new horizon to
      discover the real identity of oneself in the way that
      you had never imagined.

      International Youth Exchange Program is one of
      the program initiated by the Ministry of Youth and
      Sport of Indonesia (Menpora). The cooperation in
      each province is sustained by the Purna Caraka
      Muda Indonesia (PCMI) as an organization that
      shelters the alumni from Australia Indonesia Youth
      Exchange Program (AIYEP), Indonesia Canada
      Youth Exchange Program (ICYEP), Ship for
      SouthEast Asian Youth Exchange Program
      (SSEAYP), and Indonesia Malaysia Youth
      Exchange Program (IMYEP).

      Each year PCMI is obligated to conduct a
      selection program in order to obtain the province's
      representatives for each program. This year,
      Menpora has challanged Jogja to send its best
      candidates for 3 different programs: AIYEP,
      ICYEP, and SSEAYP.

      (Full description on each program is about to be
      added. Please frequently visit this page to stay

      General Requirements

      1. Indonesian Citizen

      2. Physically and mentally healthy

      3. Fluent in English (verbal and written)

      4. Currently as a youth/employee/student (at
      least a high school graduate)

      5. Unmarried

      6. Competent in arts and culture

      7. Applicants must pass the selection conducted
      by the Ministry of Youth and Sport, both in
      Province of Yogyakarta and Nationwide

      Specific Requirement

      1. Ship for South East Asian Youth Program

      Female, 22-30 years old by April 24, 2006

      2. Indonesia Canada Youth Exchange Program

      Male or Female, 18-23 years old by May 8, 2006

      3. Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program

      Female, 21-25 years old by April 20, 2006

      Selection Process

      1. Schedule:

      a) Administrative Selection (results are announced
      at April 13, 2006)

      b) First Phase selection (interviews): April 15, 2006

      c) Second Phase Selection (finals)

      2. Material: English fluency, general knowledge,
      leadership, civic and nationalism, individual
      character, arts and skills.


      1. Time: April 4 - April 12, 2006 (9 am to 130 pm),
      Friday (9 am to 11 am)

      2. Application form and supporting credentials are
      in Red folder for ICYEP, Yellow folder for SSEAYP,
      and Green folder for AIYEP

      3. Venue: Balai Pengembangan Pemuda dan
      Olahraga, nDalem Ngadiwinatan KT II/23 Alun-alun
      Selatan Yogyakarta. Phone: 0274 374916

      4. Applicants must come in person complete with
      following documents:

      a) Completed registration form with one sheet of
      2x3 recent color photograph attached

      b) One copy of Yogyakarta ID card (KTP DIY) and
      Student ID card (for student)

      c) One copy of most recent academic diploma

      d) Permission letter from parents

      e) Statement letter from the workplace (for

      f) Recent color photographs: 2 sheets of 4x6 and 2
      sheets of 3x4

      g) Curriculum Vitae

      h) Awards and/or certificates

      5. Registration form can also be obtained from

      6. Open house and talk show will be held on April
      10, 2006 at Cilacs UII, Jl. Pattimura 7, Kotabaru,
      Yogyakarta. Starting from 9am.

      Contact Persons

      Meredian General (0813 2885 3905), Aulia General
      (0274 780 4993)

      Happy SSEAYP (0815 680 1818), Menur ICYEP
      (0815 671 5993), Hery AIYEP (0816 456 4647)

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