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The Bayer Young Environmental Envoy Program

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  • red_now14
    Deadline: May 5, 2006 The Bayer Young Environmental Envoy Program was launched in Indonesia on April 2004, following the success of the program in the region.
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      Deadline: May 5, 2006

      The Bayer Young Environmental Envoy Program was launched in Indonesia
      on April 2004, following the success of the program in the region. It
      is organized in association with the Institute of Technology Bandung
      (a prestigious Indonesia university) and KEHATI (a leading
      not-for-profit organization that focuses on bio-diversity in Indonesia).

      Program Objectives:

      * To train youth leaders in exploring solutions to environmental problems
      * To facilitate networking and the exchange of environmental views
      among the youth in both host and participating countries
      * To provide an opportunity for the observation of environmentally
      sound technologies, practices and ways of life

      About the partners:

      * The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)

      The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) is a non-departmental
      research organization established under Presidential Decree of the
      Republic of Indonesia and was officially formulated on August 23,
      1967. The tasks of this institution are to assist the President in
      organizing research and development, give guidance and services to
      scientific and technological enterprises and to conduct strategic and
      fundamental research in science and technology. Resources in LIPI
      consist of more than 4,500 expertises in the area of research
      capability, scientific services, research facilities, and scientific
      collections. LIPI also has a wide network with international
      institution, such as National Institute of Environmental Studies
      (NIES), UNESCO, The Rockefeller Foundation, Asia Pacific Center for
      Transfer of Technology, and other international institutions. The
      institution is taking part in its role in the international
      organizations, namely ASEAN, Association for Advancement of Science
      and Technology (IFAAST), International Council of Scientist Union (ICSU).

      * KEHATI

      KEHATI is an independent, not-for-profit and self-sustaining national
      organization that focuses on promoting bio-diversity in Indonesia. The
      organization plays a key role in mobilizing resources to provide
      financial assistance, expertise, facilities and services to support
      programs and activities related to the conservation and sustainable
      use of Indonesia's diverse resources.

      About PT Bayer Indonesia:

      As the core company of Bayer's operations in the country, PT Bayer
      Indonesia, produces and markets a broad range of pharmaceuticals as
      well as agricultural products. The company operates a plant in
      Surabaya for crop science products and in Cibubur for pharmaceuticals
      and over-the-counter medications, which are also exported to other
      Asian countries.

      PT Bayer Indonesia, consistent with Bayer's efforts all over the
      world, is also committed to conserving natural resources, operating
      its facilities safely and minimizing the environmental impact of its
      activities. Apart from its own commitment regarding its facilities, it
      has also promoted programs that encourage sustainable development
      among youth and in the community.

      Eligibility Details

      In 2006, the competition in Indonesia will be opened to university
      students not over 24 years old, enrolled in recognized local university.

      He/She must have displayed leadership qualities through involvement in
      extra curricular activities, particularly but not limited to
      environmental activities, in school or community. He/She must be in
      good health and available to travel abroad. Interested applicants are
      required to complete the application form and to fulfil the
      requirements. Short-listed candidates will then be asked to return for
      interview. Sixteen selected young people will be declared finalists
      and will participate in an eco-camp to be held in a local venue. At
      the end of the eco Camp, a panel of judges will choose top 4 envoys to
      go on educational trip to Germany on November 2006. Children and
      relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or persons, whether
      they are related to or not, living with any of the following are not
      eligible to join the contest:

      persons who are employees of Bayer Indonesia, their agents,
      subsidiaries and agencies, or independent contractors engaged with the
      project; and individuals or companies engaged in development,
      production or distribution of materials for the project.

      Applications with incomplete documentation will not be
      processed.Absolutely no applications by e-mail will be entertained.

      Deadline for Submission of Application:Essay entries and accomplished
      application forms with complete documentation requirements must be
      received not later than May 5, 2006 by the Bayer Young Environmental
      Envoys Secretariat. Applicants may send their entries to the following

      Corporate Communications
      PT Bayer Indonesia
      MidPlaza I, 14th floor
      Jl. Jend Sudirman kav 10-11, Jakarta 10220

      For more information call (21) 570-3661, ext 1400 or 1405

      Download Application Form

      Website: http://www.bayeryoungenvoy.com/
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