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904Lowongan di Peace Brigades International

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  • Luthfi Widagdo Eddyono
    Nov 30, 2005
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      Date:Fri, 25 Nov 2005 12:43:26 -0800
      Subject:[jurnalisme] Lowongan di Peace Brigades International
      Semoga berguna untuk rekan2.    Salam,    Jennie S. Bev  www.JennieSBev.com    "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path   and leave a trail."   -- Ralph Waldo Emerson    "Just to be alive is a grand thing."   --  Agatha Christie        =========================    Dear Friends,    We would like to ask for your assistance in circulating the above job   postings around your networks. Peace Brigades International is looking   for volunteers to work in the newly forming peace education teams in   Aceh and Papua and also to employ a Peace Education Coordinator, which is   a staff position to be based in Yogjakarta.    There is some urgency as there is a  volunteer training planned for   January and we would like to coordinator appointed and more volunteers   recruited for the January training.    Your assistance is greatly appreciated. If you can let us know where   you are able to circulate these postings - this would also be  
       appreciated.    Many thanks    Angela and Patrick  PBI's Peace Education Recruitment Committee  Email: pbi_ip_peaceed@...    -----------------        Peace Brigades International (PBI) is a unique grassroots, non-partisan   human rights organization that places and maintains teams of volunteers   in areas of conflict around the world. In accordance with its dual   Protective Accompaniment (PA) and Participatory Peace Education (PPE)   mandate in Indonesia, PBI seeks to:   ·         Help maintain a peaceful space for civil society to operate   and grow;   ·         Model nonviolence and to promote nonviolent resolution of   conflicts;   ·         Foster social and political dialogue and reconciliation;   ·         Empower civil society in all of the above activities, so as   to reduce and eventually end the need for
       PBI.    Responding to emerging requests for further developing and integrating   Participatory Peace Education initiatives in our Indonesia Project   (IP), PBI is looking for individuals with relevant experience in   peace-building activities preferably at a community level. This is a great   opportunity to play a key role in providing both strategic and practical   support for the IP. If you are committed to PBI's working principles, you   are adaptable and have the strong interpersonal skills necessary to work   within a multicultural team and dynamic environment, we are inviting   you to apply for the following position based in Yogyakarta with travels   to Papua and Aceh:    Peace Education Coordinator  (immediate recruitment for a 12 month   full-time / not continuing staff position - IDR 97.5 Million/annum salary +   Health Insurance)    Together with the Peace Education Sub-Committee, the PPE Coordinator   will provide guidance and support to field teams working in both Papua
         and Aceh, as well as the Indonesia Project as a whole, ensuring that   community based peace building activities are closely aligned with PBI   working principles and have durable, positive and verifiable outcomes.    The key functions of this role include:  ·         Supporting the newly formed field teams in their work   developing community based peace-building activities (incl. enabling,   motivating, maintaining focus and cohesion, dealing with crisis and tensions,   monitoring and evaluating)  ·         Participating in the compilation and/or development of   guidelines and tools for the design, implementation and evaluation of Peace   Education activities,  ·         Coordinating and acting as a resource person for all Peace   Building related activities, inquiries or follow up (incl. proposal   development and revision; public relations and promotion; logistics,   delivery and post application of trainings; feedback dialogue with PBI   constituencies; narrative and
       financial reports),  ·         Exploring and facilitating the implementation of training or   learning opportunities for both PBI's field volunteers and partners in   order to strengthen their knowledge and practices related to nonviolent   conflict transformation methods applicable to the local situation.    The essential requirements for this position are:  ·         Substantial experience in peace building or conflict analysis   and transformation   ·         Experience that demonstrates an alignment with and thorough   understanding of PBI's mandates of nonviolence, nonpartisanship and   consensus decision making  ·         Experience in capacity building project development and   management (incl. needs assessment, strategic planning, networking,   volunteer recruitment, monitoring and evaluation, finance and budget   management)  ·         Willingness to live and work in a conflict affected, team   based and grass-root setting  ·         Ability to work cross-culturally,
       autonomously, at both   community and institutional levels and build successful relationships with   stakeholders  ·         Fluency in English and Indonesian (both written and oral)  ·         Competent IT skills  ·         Demonstrated capacity to work collaboratively with others  ·         Skills in leadership and influencing  ·         An understanding of the issues affecting the relationships   between paid and volunteer members of work teams    To apply, please forward your CV together with a covering letter by   30th November to:  PBI's Peace Education Recruitment Committee  Email: pbi_ip_peaceed@...  Type <the position you are applying for> in the subject line  Once selected, successful attendance at PBI's Pre-Posting Training plus   the development of fluency in Indonesian and English languages  
       (depending on existing language proficiency) is required prior to the   employment contract commencing. To learn more about PBI, visit our web site:   www.peacebrigades.org      -----  

      -- Luthfi Widagdo Eddyono --

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