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3655The 9th AYF in Taipei (deadline 15 Mar 2011)

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  • Retno Widyastuti
    Feb 4, 2011

      THE 9th ASIAN YOUTH FORUM in Taipei

      About the AYF

      The Asian Youth Forum (AYF) is a college-aged students and young people’s network organization founded in 1999 by Professor Kip Cates of Tottori University (Japan) together with the help of language educators and academic professionals who have been actively part of the Pan Asian Conference (PAC) and are members of international language (English) associations in the Asian region.

      The idea of the AYF is to bring together college and university students and young people from all over the Asian region to an international convention to meet with other youth and educators and Ouprovide them a venue where they could share their ideas, views and knowledge on culture, language, leadership and social and global issues and also learn from others.

      Since its inception, AYF has been focused to the following objectives:

      • Allow the participants to learn and understand each other’s basic language and to put emphasis on the use of the English language as an important (international) language and tool for communication in order to properly convey one’s ideas to another.
      • Bring together the youth of Asia to an exchange opportunity to learn about each other’s culture, values, perceptions and history in order to bridge cultural gap and foster an environment of awareness, understanding and tolerance amidst differences.
      • Provide a venue for the participants to freely discuss specific social and global issues that concern the youth in Asia today and understand how it affects them
      • Provide the participants the opportunity and venue to plan for a solution which can be applied in their communities upon return home to resolve their chosen concern issue.
      • Provide the participants training on business-life skills and help them prepare to become responsible global citizens and international leaders. 
      Since then, the AYF has been organizing international summits for college-aged students and young people, which are held simultaneously with the PAC. AYF and PAC is organized and supported by the Language Teaching Associations in the Asian Region such as the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT), Thai TESOL, Far Eastern English Language Teachers' Association (FEELTA) and Bangladesh English Language Teachers Association (BELTA) to name a few.

      Past AYF Summits have been held in South Korea (AYF1), Japan (AYF2), Taiwan (AYF3), Russia (AYF4), Thailand (AYF5), Japan (AYF6), Philippines (AYF7), and South Korea (AYF8).



      The 9th Asian Youth Forum will be a week-long event for the youth from 8-15 November 2011 consisting of academic seminars, intercultural workshops, social events and interpersonal exchanges.   

      This international exchange program aims to promote
      • international understanding, 
      • inter-cultural communication,
      • leadership skills, and
      • make the youth of Asia a regional network of peace, cooperation, and friendship

      through the medium of English-as-an-international-language. 

      The AYF 9 will be held as a part of the Pan Asian conference 2011 and the 20th International Symposium on English Teaching to be supported by the English Teaching Association of the Republic of China (ETA-ROC).


      APPLICATIONS are now OPEN!!!

      1. Download the application form.
      2. Fill-up the application form.
      3. Send the completely filled-up application form and all the necessary attachments by e-mail on or before 15 March 2011 to asianyouthforumtaipei@ gmail.com AND asianyouthforumtaipei@ yahoo.com
      4. Once accepted, participants will have to apply for their visa to Taiwan and submit these visa details not later than 15 September 2011Failure to do so may mean disqualification from acceptance and consideration of applicants in the waiting list.
      5. Once visa is already received, participants must book their flights to Taipei City, Taiwan and submit these flight details to the committee not later than 15 October 2011 in order to make way for applicants who are in the waiting list. Failure to do so will automatically mean disqualification from acceptance.

      Note that to be able to join the 9th Asian Youth Forum, participants must be ready to shoulder two costs:
      1. Travel costs to and from Taipei City, Taiwan; and
      2. Registration fee* to cover for accommodations and meals while in the summit.

      *Applicants may apply for financial support from the AYF however, it should be understood that this support is limited and is only granted to the most deserving applicants. It should also be understood that applicants who can shoulder their registration fee have higher chances of getting in than those who apply for financial support.

      Retno Widyastuti
      Mobile : +6281 2278 3543

      Jaringan dan Kemitraan MITI Mahasiswa

      Program Officer Indonesia Mengajar